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    Hypocrisy of the NBA, ESPN, the media, and YOU


    Former Charlotte Hornet and New York Knick Larry Johnson tweeted in the wake of the Donald Sterling racist rant that there should be an all-black league.




    How is this any less racist than what Donald Sterling said? Not only that, but set up actual discrimination. And what if a white former NBA player had said it is time for an all-white league?


    All-black league. Black commissioner, black owners, black coaches, black referees, black players. All-black league. You can only be in the league if you are black.


    So where is everybody who wanted Sterling to be banned from the NBA and lose his basketball team over his racist rant? Those same people should be asking NBA Commissioner Silver to ban Larry Johnson from the NBA and strip him of all his acolades. Are all those people hypocrites and apply double standards between white and black people?


    I personally do not want Larry Johnson banned from the NBA or have anything taken away from him. I had the same exact reaction to Larry Johnson's tweet as I did to Donald Sterling's rant: What a dumbass.


    That was it. That was the end of it for me in both cases. But for the vast majority of people who had a knee jerk reaction calling for Sterling to be banned and lose his team, where are your demands for Larry Johnson?


    Nonexistant I am sure.


    Now to be fair to Larry Johnson, prior to sending out that tweet he sent out two others with this to say:


    "I heard the Clippers owner made a racial statement And black people are all upset, get over it this is Integration."


    "He is the owner of the team personally I think He Should have Who ever he wants at the game."


    He seems to be okay with other peoples' racism which justifies his own. Kudos to him for at least appearing consistant. He understands there are racists in the world and he is okay with that. He did not ask for Donald Sterling to be banned from the NBA or stripped of his team. He did not even ask for a fine. Just leave him alone, let him be a racist, and since he is the owner he should be able to have whoever he wants at the game.


    As I said, my problem is not what with Larry Johnson said just like I have no problem with what Donald Sterling said (other than both being really stupid). My problem is with everyone else, including news organizations and ESPN pushing for the NBA to punish Donald Sterling but not Larry Johnson.


    When the tapes were released of Donald Sterling's rant ESPN and news networks did not simply report there was a rant, they asked the question: What will NBA Commissioner SIlver do about it?


    Nobody is asking that question about Larry Johnson. It is barely reported that he even tweeted anything, to the public, for everyone to see. Not a private conversation between two individuals. It was a declaration of what he wants to see happen. A racist, all-black league.


    I thought everybody said those types of racist remarks have no place in the NBA.





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