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    Posted May 3, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Going public with mental illness

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    Where do I begin? (part one)


    Good question huh?


    Where do I begin?


    That's not an easy task for me to tell you everything I have been through and am still going through today.


    I'll start at the beginning.


    I was born in 1961, Not such a bad year, well, okay maybe not from my perspective, but it was the beginning of what I would describe as a nightmare.


    I've spent a great deal of my time understanding the things that brought me here today. And I've tried to share what I've learned along the way.


    But today, I'm going to write this for me.


    So I began my life as the first born son of the Former Secretary to the Ambassador of Finland, in Washington, D.C. She came here on of the big Queen (?) whatever ships. Back in 1959.


    She worked very hard and did a great job of what would end up as a single woman raising four children. I'd say we all turned out pretty well, in a manner of speaking, that is.


    I have the absolute greatest mother in the entire world and I can't thank God enough for such a blessing in my life. My father drank and I think I was about eight years old when he left, that in and of itself was a big ordeal that I wont go in to. But needless to say my mother did it all and by herself. She's a very dedicated women and She's a God(dess) to me, worthy of the highest praise ever possible.


    I love you mom!


    So... I remember her telling me that prior to my injury I began to cry incessantly, she was unable to figure out why I was crying and how to get me to stop.


    In hind sight the only thing that I can figure out is that is about the time that she started giving me koolaid. Back in the nineteen sixties Red dye No.2 was in use and quite heavily. I am guessing that I was exposed to that deadly cancer causing substance for approximately fifteen years. In case you don't know Red dye No.2 was banned in 1976 because it was found to cause cancer.


    I remember we had a doberman (RIP Debbie) that died a horrible debilitating death at the hands of the massive amounts of red dye used in dog foods back in that day and age. Her joints were destroyed by the fever and damaging cancerous effects of the dyes and perhaps lack of the careful attention we try to put into those products today. But how careful are we?


    Do the people (I mean this sincerely, since "corporations are people") who work for these corporations know what they are doing? What they have been doing? To themselves, to their families and to everyone in America?


    Who decided to put petroleum based coal tar dye into anything means for human consumption? And why?


    The reason I am asking this is that there is a severe problem going on and it's time that it comes to a stop and I mean immediately.


    Every day... I read about another "incident" or crime, or something that is linked to the behavioral disorders caused by all of the toxic chemical based artificial additives.


    Normally I would go on and keep on the tangent but I have a point to make here and it's quite important to me.


    And it seems to me that I am beginning to keep on track with something like the thought I have going on in my head.


    So... even before I fractured my skull in a fall down some stairs in 1964 (i think?) I had problems of a behavioral sort and so throughout my life I had difficulties in school, which I now know was attributed to the possible traumatic brain injury I suffered and the consumption of what I learned caused me to have a lifetime of migraine headaches.


    The migraine headache is the hey to all of this, it's "the BIG indicator" Most doctors don't know that migraines are from ALLERGY and nothing else. Whether it is environmental exposure to some sort of chemicals, or from the things you consumed unknowingly being fooled by people who have been entrusted to protect the public interest. Our health, Our well being. But the truth is... People can be bought and paid for with money from people who don't care if you die from the products they make because the insurance companies, corporations and other things they own can get out of paying your retirement promised to you while they weaseled out of it while taking you money with them.


    Sorry, we're out of business and can't pay you what we promised, so sorry, bye bye.


    Allergy, the #1 killer of human being every where, killing more people than every accident, World War, disease, famine, plight ever imagined. The allergy causing Autism, Alzheimer's and pretty much every single thing that doctors and psychiatrist treat within the entire population of the United States of America.


    Petroleum based coal tar Azo food, drug and cosmetic dyes (FD&C) and drug and cosmetic dyes (D&C) each category using different dyes.


    Toxicity: Acutely toxic by all routes of exposure. Some of these compounds bind strongly to essential enzymes, inactivating them.




    BHA, an Antioxidant preservative used in Pepperoni and Sausages.


    Health Hazard
    SYMPTOMS: Symptoms of exposure to this compound may include allergic contact dermatitis, exacerbation of vasomotor rhinitis, conjunctival irritation and redness, asthma, facial flushing, marked diaphoresis, headaches, dull retrosternal pain and somnolence. It may also cause hypersensitivity reactions after skin contact.


    ACUTE/CHRONIC HAZARDS: This compound is toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition this compound emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes. (NTP, 1992)




    BHT The other antioxidant used in pepperoni and sausages and in some packaging for some cereals and other products.


    Health Hazard
    Exposure Routes: inhalation, ingestion, skin and/or eye contact


    Symptoms: Irritation eyes, skin


    Target Organs: Eyes, skin (NIOSH, 2003)




    TBHQ Another wonderful "antioxidant" this one is used in chicken products as a chicken fat preservative, to improve shelf life to save corporations money on their profit and loss margin. Like in Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Pot pies, etc.


    Health Hazard
    SYMPTOMS: Symptoms of exposure to this compound include irritation of the skin and eyes and dermatitis. Delayed symptoms may include lung poisoning. If aspirated into the lungs, chemical pneumonia may occur.


    ACUTE/CHRONIC HAZARDS: This compound is toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke, irritating fumes and toxic fumes of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. (NTP, 1992)




    MSG Do I really have to list the things it's used in?
    I don't think so.
    Health Hazard
    SYMPTOMS: Large oral doses in humans have provoked burning sensation, facial pressure, chest pains, dyspnea, somnolence, hallucinations, distorted perceptions, nause and vomiting. Susceptible individuals may experience an allergic response.


    ACUTE/CHRONIC HAZARDS: This compound emits toxic fumes when heated to decomposition. (NTP, 1992)




    Calcium Disodium EDTA, Disodium EDTA, Trisodium EDTA, used in Mountain Dew, 7-UP, Sunny-D, soaps, shampoos, lotions, margarine, mayonnaise, (Bulk and consumer brands) Some canned products and It's just popping up everywhere.


    Process – Dow manufactures EDTA by reacting ethylenediamine with formaldehyde, cyanide and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in a closed system to produce tetrasodium EDTA. (This process is used by other manufacturers as well). Other salts of EDTA are produced via subsequent processing of this material.




    Health Hazard
    SYMPTOMS: Symptoms of exposure to this compound may include coughing, wheezing, respiratory distress and mucous membrane irritation upon inhalation. It is a strong chelating agent and ingestion of large amounts may cause hypocalcemic tetany with spontaneous recovery. This compound may cause skin irritation, an eye contact may cause pain and slight transient irritation.
    ACUTE/CHRONIC HAZARDS: When heated to decomposition this chemical may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide,

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