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    Posted May 3, 2014 by

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    Panama Elections 2014

    Rep. Panama Elections Panorama 2014

    We are just 1 day and 22 hours away from the elections of Panama we will be voting for our new President for the next president 5 years in Panama, in the last months we, all the Panamanians we have been witnesses of one of the most competitive, dirty & corrupt electoral campaigns in our democratic era.

    In the last days we have seen the worst of the worst from our actual government to convince the people of panama to vote once again for them and extended their rule for the next 5 (five) years. They had disobey in many ways the Panamanian Constitutions. Just yesterday the Mr. Ricardo Martinelli B. gave his support to the presidential cantidate of his political partie somthing that is not allowed if we read Art. 130, another example his wife Mrs. Martha Linares de Martinelli is the Vice President of Jose Domingo Arias. There were two recent cyber attacks one to TVN a national channels, as well as the Tribunal Electoral (Electoral Court) website had been hacked. And they even had a call center paid with resources of the government (taxes) it all exploded with the confesion of one of the Supervisors from the call center with recording of Maria Cristina Ex Director of Imigration and Saloh Shama actual Minister of Turism of Panama, Roxana Mendez actual mayor of Panama and other figures they had 3 call center to attack the cother candidates in their campaigns via Twitter, Email, phone and other media ways. They were located in H20 tower in avenidad balboa, plaza carolina and they have a 3rd location in Avenida J. Alfaro. Mr Tehran the supervisor that spoke he left the country already for his own security but he is related some who to the president family.

    In the last years we had lived in the hands of corruption coming all the way form our president that recently have been involved in a corruption in Italy with Valter Lavitolla, and others. over cost of in metro construction, cinta costera, roads hospitals mm IBT one the company owned or let say he is one the associates, this action we had seen them many times. The basic basket 5 years ago the price was only in the one hundred USD today goes up to the 330.00 USD that for the most of the Panamanians is not even in their buying range. At last one of the most recent acts but he planned in the last year he made some extension and changes on the period that some of the ministers may stay in their positions, so the President had made a parallel government so even his candidate doesn't win in this elections he will have power in the government.

    We have 3 candidates for this elections that are the favorites in this elections:
    Juan Carlos Navarro with the PRD Partido Revolucionario Democratico the political party with more votes by their own in all the last elections.

    Juan Carlos Varela with Partido Arnulfista and Partido Popular he is the current vice president of Panama but he resigned and closed the alliance that he had with Ricardo Martinelli.

    Jose Domingo Arias - We is been sponsored by the Actual Ricardo Martinelli his partyCambio Democratico and Molirena.

    We have more candidates but they are not that popular but you never know

    Genaro Lopez with FAD party a new socialist party not popular with the panamanians.

    3 more Juan Jovane Profesor of Economy with no political party supporting him, Gerardo Barroso he is been paid by the president to reduce votes in Chiriqui and last but not least Esteban Rodriguez.

    In another hand we hope that in this elections it runs smoothly and the democracy continues as planned.

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