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    Posted May 3, 2014 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    Ukraine unrest

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    The New World Shortly


    In The Old world there lived a bad king: he had hurt folk, even grilled them, and excessively controlled trades. For years taken offenses FOLK JUST DECIDED TO MOVE OUT. They left bad king, arrived here and established what is known now as The New World with the equal opportunity to trade and have worship on their own choice. Little by little all other drew near and diversity was established to be steady supported. The trade of that to be abandoned lands with a purpose to get The New World as a domicile was never even considered. So free people did it - THEY BUILT A NEW LIFE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERYONE without any territorial concessions. There was found enough land for everybody and as such no necessity for further expansion. It was centuries ago.


    The Old World


    Each part of The Old World history is so specfic that someday aready nobody will remember why... People are imperfect: money, money, money works, ha? Latter is old like eggs of dinosaurus: all around is still about money.


    Kind Of The Old World Area


    After WWII Ukraine did not have own military in its direct sense just due cause to no such needs, because the common enemy was devastated. But unified Sovjet Army had deployments on its territory, equally like everywhere in the former USSR. Latter was obligated to protect internationally agreed and as such firmly established borders. The world was told that and every reasonable person in the world knew that: no any redrawing anymore. Reasonable people do not accept nazism. Even Germany*.


    After USSR dissolution the nukes and all other military infrastructures (gear and stuff) of another world leader were grabbed by Ukraine, just by self declaration and especially for future BUSINESS TRADES. Since that time a lot of profitable pro-business deals were done: country for sale**.


    Embezzlement was committed immediately in two days (it was time sensitive mater) and that was happened due cause to a strategical failure of then old brother - Russia, who temporary lost control over its military stuff and gear bookkeeping and inventory just on the waive its political upheavals.


    To diminish the reasonably followed threat of unqualified service for nuke and probability to trade that with the world around, Russia has removed such opportunity from Ukraine, by any cost, went political.


    I believe that Russia then was acted as a true peacekeeper and because all technologies and regulations in regard soviet nukes service and maintenance were truly soviet only, the West got immediate relief too... but continued to keep an eye for a Ukraine geopolitically.


    There is one unified through centuries folk based on its cornerstone countries Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, well benefited by just slight differences in local cultures. For sure their common language is always Russian.

    Now just recall and admit again that the Crimea was officially and with fanfare presented as a gift to the Ukraine in dedication of the 300 years of Friendship between people of Russia (same Russian Federation) and Ukraine, dating back to the Treaty of Pereyaslav in 1654.


    What happened later is just easy. Ukraine gave up the established friendship and went for wholesale for common currency. The insulted Russia has decided to continue to represent the rest of truly loyal for it folk and just picked up its present back. So what? Well done - time to relax: WITHOUT CRIMEA THE COST OF UKRAINE FOR ANY FUTURE SALES ON ANY MARKET just sucks; not a big deal.


    Ukraine, well predictably will file bankruptcy, but after many years ahead: all the collected money, include recently said 17B shall be first withdraw in cash, spent no matter how and for what up to last penny and as a result the claim of the same what we see now will be brought before any international manager, again, doing its best. That is.


    * - Even Germany. In accordance to the remarkable experience of 1991 they moved then that party headquarter to "Easti" people (East Berlin Rail Station area) and the signs "Nazism will not pass" were detected on the fences of the construction sites in "Westi" people cities.


    ** - some American fellows understand such abilities as the style of "Gypsy", and in fact that population is so common in Ukraine that can easy affects some minds.

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