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    thats how Germans get killed discriminated and harrased based

    At my Court date on April 25th 2014 at 8.15 a.m.at the Stockton County house dept. 25, I noticed a man at the hearing who spoke with your female Deputy District Attorney representing your office. This was the same male who spoke with her prior to the hearing where she took it upon herself to identify me to him. (See surveillance Video.)
    After the Deputy DA left him and went inside the Dept.25. I decided to walk and stay next to the Person to have a closer look and also to show that I’m not a threat nor should they have any reason to harass, threaten, harm, discriminate, or otherwise classify me as such. Based on the reactions of the man and the actions that I witnessed of his, I have no doubt about my suspicions of profiling being correct. (See Surveillance Video).
    Minutes after court commenced, the person went into the court room. Where he stalled in an attempt to allow me to enter before him. I waited and let him go first. Though he stalled, I took my phone and shut it down to stall, so that he had to go in first. I followed him inside.
    Why your deputy be identifying me to anyone is beyond me. It has been troubling me ever since and I feel as though I am owed an explanation regarding it.
    I ask that someone in your office respond to that question in writing following speaking to her about the incident. The Person was watching me throughout the hearing and my time at the court house. When I was identified by your deputy, the man’s response was that he already had figured out who I was. This was concluded by me due to his response to her pointing me out where he said only “I know.” I was able to hear this from my position on the Floor (See Surveillance Video).
    I’m insulted by their actions both professionally, and personally. I feel this is further adding to the ongoing harassment, and discrimination that I am continuing to sustain by your county and state officials. Perhaps it is based on my origin or why, is yet unclear. I do not know the grounds for which this discrimination is based. However, I do continue to see it clearly through your office and others in the like particularly while in your courts.
    The DA’s Office wanted to file a motion three weeks prior to the hearing in an attempt to postpone the Trial. The deputy district attorney had failed to follow proper procedure where she forgot to file the declaration request prior to the hearing. The judge mentioned it during the hearing. Her reasoning for wishing to postpone was that her soul witness (who happens to be the alleged victims own father) was not available to appear.
    It is interesting to call him a witness, where this same alleged witness (the same person who stole my property, harassed me, and discriminated against me, and who falsely accuses me of this alleged violence happens to be your victim’s father and your only witness.) Mind you that prior to the hearing process currently in process, I had a civil restraining order against this witness keeping him barred from being near and or harassing me. He was actually attending my hearings in the beginning where I had to write a letter to the court to end his further harassments.
    Even my temporary attorney (Temporary attorney due to my attorney who was not able to appear had sent an alternate in his place) made a comment regarding your witness being your victim’s father and how he is bias due to your victim being his own daughter. (I.e.: I suppose that I also can call my Father to testify for me!) My attorney also gave me some interesting advice on the floor when we walked out by the elevators, saying that I should “watch what you say in the Hallway! They are listening.” I responded that; “I already know what they do.”
    There is no question that this process is bias, and I intend to seek an alternate venue. I shall request to the court location be changed to a more neutral court. I feel that this decision would better serve both parties.
    If you’re Department or anyone else in your county courthouse believes that I’m a threat or any kind of danger /disturbance of any kind then perhaps you should peruse your own restraining order to deescalate this Situation!
    At this time, I shall be awaiting your response regarding why your deputy is identifying me to any single person or group factions at or prior to any hearing, as this is direct harassment and a cause for concern as to my safety and or wellbeing. For your information, a copy of this letter has been sent to my German embassy, and the dept. of justice etc. for review so that everyone is on the same page. I will be looking forward to your rapid reply
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