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    7 Tips On How To Get Your Wife To Stop Nagging


    To my fellow men, let’s not over complicate things. If your wife is nagging you 24 x 7 it means that she is no longer attracted to you. Plain and simple. The good news is that you can bring back that attraction because you once had her attracted to you!


    You will notice that below tips are geared toward making your wife ultra attracted in order for you to stop her relentless nagging. Attraction is the primal and basic force in all relationship. If you’re wife is dominating you and nagging you then you have an attraction problem. A mentally healthy woman resents his husband if she is able to dominate him through her nagging. She will not respect you much more be attracted to you if you don’t eloquently handle her nagging.


    Remember this, a woman considers a man’s faults and infirmities as “cute” if she is ultra attracted to him. That is why people says “love is blind”. The reality is, it is ATTRACTION that makes her overlook your faults. The only thing that matters is how badly does she want to have sex with you. So first things first, your goal is to make her ultra attracted to you. It is useless to talk about “love” and communication which are on the top of the relationship pyramid that every couples should strive for at a later stage. But until you have attraction problems you need to focus on the basics first. So let’s get it on!


    1. Change how you see your wife’s nagging. Realize that your wife is feeling hurt, not anger. Anger is a secondary emotion that comes out when we are hurt. You see the anger but you miss the hurt. Because she is hurt she is subconsciously “testing” you that you are a strong, dominant man who can protect her and make her feel secured so she will not feel pain. But because her attraction on you is going down, you’ve noticed that these dominance “tests” gets worst everyday to the point that she is screaming in her subconscious… PROVE TO ME THAT YOU ARE A MAN WHO CAN PROTECT ME!


    2. Be the rock she can build her life and children’s future on. Be emotionally stronger. Be emotionally in control. Once you realize that your wife is hurt, scared or insecure, you will also realize that her nagging is not against your person. She is testing you, to confirm that you are her “rock”. Do not go to a “defensive” mode. You need to intentionally refuse to be angry at her. Refuse to argue and shout at her. Even you yourself feel tired, upset and somewhat angry; you need to control your emotion. Think about James Bond. Emotional control is the hallmark of a man who is the king of his world, a man who is in charge whom women are attracted to.


    3. Do NOT REACT, instead LEAD her emotions. By changing your perception on your wife’s nagging and by being emotionally in control… now you can LEAD her emotions to what you want it to be. You as the man should INFLUENCE her emotions and not your wife influence you. If she is upset, don’t be upset instead be calm. If she feels hurt and scared, don’t show that you are hurt; provide protection and the feeling of security. Why? Because YOU ARE THE MAN. You are in charge of everything in the relationship. If you don’t take on this responsibility she will, and that won’t lead to a happy marriage. Bad for you, bad for her.


    4. Be DOMINANT and PLAYFUL. In order to lead her emotion, you should balance these two. Too much dominance to the point of being inconsiderate is bad. Being playful or funny to the point of being a clown won’t earn you respect. But without these two, you will not be able to stop your wife’s nagging. So if she starts bitching, you see it as it is… it’s just a test of how you will show to her that you are dominant, that you will be able to protect her, to make her safe and ultimately to make her horny. You basically LEAD her emotions by neutralizing her bitching through your dominance and you stir her emotions by being playful in a sexual way. Click here for examples.


    5. Set healthy boundaries and enforce them. Boundaries are basically things other people might do to you that you will not tolerate. “No, I will not let you do that shit to me”, “Do not raise your voice at me”. These are examples of boundaries that you enforce on people you interact with. Thereby you train other people (most especially your wife) on how to treat you.


    6. Be a man of action. Talk kills attraction. To be exact, “all talk and no action kills attraction”. Don’t be fooled that good communication is “the” key to a good relationship. Even the best constructed, well mannered, psychologically good reply to a nagging wife is useless if you don’t have ACTION! The more you argue the lesser she is attracted to you. The more you make promises you can’t keep, the lesser she is attracted to you. Starting today you should strive to be A MAN OF ACTION. Example: if she steps over one of your boundaries after warning her that you will go out of the house for an hour if she continue violating your boundary… you make sure that you actually DO it! You go out of the house if she continues to violate your boundary! Take action, don’t just talk and talk. Don’t bluff, don’t lie, don’t apologize (unless you really are dead wrong like Hitler), you are the King of your marriage.


    7. Be the best that you can be. If you have real issues like alcoholism, addiction, laziness and other self destructive and unproductive behavior, then you need to work on those first. Don’t fool yourself that you can someday stop your wife from nagging you if you are a bum.


    Now if you don’t have those issues, then good for you, you have lesser work to do. Learn the right attitude, skills and behaviors that you need to become an attractive man for your wife. It all boils down in being a better person each and every day and staying there no matter what your wife throws at you. In order to stop your wife from nagging and bitching you, you should come from a place of POWER. Power is sexy. And that power can be attained by improving yourself on all areas of life. She will notice that, she will feel that and she will be ATTRACTED to that power which you have. Soon you will notice less nagging and more sex. But realize that she will never stop testing every once in a while just to check if you are still the strong man.


    But now you can swiftly lead her emotions and neutralize the nagging before it gets worst. Now you know that her testing is a good thing because this will force you to become a better person every day. This means that you have to go out of your comfort zone and really take massive actions. Refuse to be lazy on this, your marriage depends on it… you and your wife’s happiness depends on it… your sanity depends on it!


    A lot of people are just asking "how to save my marriage" without the willingness to take the effort to change. Don't fall into this trap. Decide and take action RIGHT NOW.

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