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    In praise of “other mothers”

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    Advocate, Caregiver, Superwoman -- Mom


    Mom--everyone truly takes the word for granted when thinking about the person that brings you into this world, cares for you and ultimately is the reason for your being. Some individuals take their parents for granted, and to be honest, I can guarantee at some point in my life I have done just the same. However, my mother is amazing, not only is she an advocate for things she feels strong for and she is an exceptional caregiver given all the circumstances she has been dealt. In short, she deserves a lasso, some golden bracers, a crown and should have her name changed to Superwoman.


    Sure, the entire life story and things she has done could be splayed out for the world to see, however, I will fast forward in time and consider things from late 2002. In 2002, the two of us went on a road trip to Colorado. Unfortunately, while in Colorado I fell life threateningly ill. She took me to the hospital, and over the course of nearly three weeks it was determined that I had a rare lung disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension. The doctors couldn't determine the cause and labelled it idiopathic, but that isn't the important part.


    What is important was at this very moment my mother was now reintroduced into the caregiver role that most parents give up when their child goes off to college. To be honest, I didn't anticipate living with my mother my entire life. I don't truly anticipate living at home my entire life, however, for the time being with a disease the is progressive she is one of the most dependable sources I have which makes her truly remarkable. When my step-dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer she was juggling care-giving for two people which takes the altruism, endurance, fortitude and mental resilience to accomplish for sure. Again, sign her up for the League of Heroes because she never ceases to amaze me. She still dons the double caregiver hat taking care of my 95 year old step-grandmother who has dementia. Two words: Awe inspiring.


    She has always been an advocate as well. She's an advocate for orphan medical conditions, specifically pulmonary hypertension and also glioblastoma multiforme (the brain cancer that took my step-dad all too early). She pushes for stronger education systems and is certainly an advocate for things which she feels strongly for. She was a teacher through most of my childhood and still instills the importance of education to myself, my younger brother and even the neighborhood children. Specifically she was a special education teacher and is always promoting the equal treatment of students with special needs. She has served on advisory boards for caregivers, mentors and other programs. As I said, Superhero status.


    She is a superhero according to any definition of the world, and I think if she were required she could jump into a phone booth like Clark Kent and jump out adorning a superhero outfit. There have been numerous times that she has helped me when I have needed it. During hospitalizations, if anything seems off, she can alert medical professionals and move the proverbial mountain to get things taken handled. If I am stranded somewhere, no matter where, she will be there to save the day. In my darkest days she has been there. Clearly she is a remarkable woman.


    All that said, she is an exceptional advocate for everything that is close to her heart. She is one of the best caregivers anyone could ask for rivaling even the best nurses. More importantly she is Superwoman, and while I think her costume is constantly at the dry cleaners for all the times she is saving the world for myself, my younger brother or my family she definitely goes above and beyond what anyone expects of a mother. For that I appreciate her more and more every day. Thank you mom, for being amazing!

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