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    Pint-size entrepreneurs

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    ebay losing sellers

    My letter to ebay

    Dear ebay,

    You have made my life a living hell more and more each day. I have been selling and buying for 2 years or so, and have not made 1 penny profit. Everything I made went right back in to the store. Then to make things more difficult for me, you are now adding other seller’s “collection” boxes in my store. That is like Macy’s having a great big sign, CHECK OUT SEARS, THEY HAVE GREAT STUFF. Totally counterproductive to my store. Why am I paying to have a store only to have you send my customer’s somewhere else? They can browse all over ebay on their own. You don’t have to chase them away from my store.

    The only reason I’m working so hard to build up my store is because I cannot work out of the home. I’ve gone through 2 cancer treatments, still went back to work, then got fired after arguing with my supervisor why she would not open the window because I couldn’t breathe. This is exactly how I feel now with all this causing me so much stress my stomach hurts all day, and my anxiety is out the roof. I was so excited in the beginning, but now I’m totally depressed.

    I’ve removed some catch on’s that you install with Silversomething, can’t remember what it’s called, and it also removed my power selling sticker, but I don’t care. I sold more before I had that sticker, it makes absolutely no difference as you constantly point out to everyone that it does. It doesn’t.

    Because of your new changes, I have less traffic than before, not more as you say I would have once I become best seller status.

    In addition, these stores that have -0- zero, zero, ITEMS in their store, but have a dozen “COLLECTIONS” and sell their product from there is just mind blowing. They have hundreds of followers, thousands of sales, and 3 feedbacks. How is that possible? I would like to have one of these stores. Why did I work so hard to get “power seller” status and good feedback when apparently there’s no need for that as long as you make lots of sales?

    It seems like “you just can’t win”, everywhere you go, corporations make it so difficult to earn a living, but they don’t hesitate to use you to earn billions of dollars for themselves. I might as well just die, at least my kids would get some life insurance to help them. I am of no help to them, anymore, and I’m becoming sicker and sicker every day, even though I keep trying.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gordana K. Malone
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