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    New Hampshire
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    Author, life coach, and radio host -- Rustie Macdonald is impacting the world around her with her new book ‘Having Tea With My Skeletons’ where she reveals how you too can untangled yourself from yourself.


    ‘There are no bad days only different types of good days’. Such a statement may seem too optimistic or foreign to most but today we are interviewing one woman -- Rustie Macdonald that strives to have those around her embrace such a concept and those that do are the better for it.


    Ms. Macdonald is a full time single mother, author, life coach, motivational speaker, celiac and international radio talk show host.


    She has successfully coached for more than twenty years and along with her coaching she owns a grass roots marketing firm and a healing firm.


    So without delay here she is Rustie Macdonald
    “Many ask me how I started and how I continue to wear the many hats I do and keep my sanity.


    Well my friends tell me I am authentic, unique, funny and really able to be supportive to others needs which I truly believe is key to ‘keeping it all together (flowing smoothly).


    Those same people also tell me that I am always thinking side-ways or in other words an outside the box thinker and am a good listener – after all I have two ears and one mouth.


    Born in 1976 in Lexington, Kentucky. I was relocated to Florida until 1990. Then in 1990 I moved to Vermont and currently I live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.
    All my life I have always felt a deep desire to help others.


    I believe part of this overwhelming feeling to help others was due the fact I was a witness to the poverty of the early 1980’s.


    As a very young girl, I saw the mile long lines of those waiting for food donations given by the Salvation Army.
    The severe poverty I lived in and witnessed aroused a great compassion for others and set the stage for my empathetic and giving nature.


    At age 4, I had already begun to save food to help the local Salvation Army ‘feed that long line of people who were hungry.’ Even then, I was determined to make sure no one ever felt alone or without.


    As I grew up, I began to volunteer for various organizations. In High school, I advocated in the Juvenile Court system as a Peer Advocate for Foster Youth. It was then when I started a children’s reading group as an ‘America Reads’ volunteer inside my local public library.


    I continued to set the stage of leadership as my High School began a new Award ‘School Spirit.’ In honor of my dedication to my school, I was humbled to be the first to receive this public award.


    While attending Johnson State College, I was a Big Sister in the Big Sister/Brother Program. I continued to advocate for Foster Youth and was invited by the State Of Vermont’s Children Services (DHS) to Speak at a Foster Care Conference in 1996.


    I spoke about the difficulty of attending college as a foster child. My motivational speech was made in front of Legislators, DHS employees and 100 foster youth.


    This speech helped to create opportunities for foster children to attend college (That was an empowering moment for me and a pivotal point in my life) it was at that moment I took the first steps on my path as a coach, mentor and social advocate.


    Let’s advance to the year 2000 as this is the time I discovered my love for Martial arts. I soon began teaching Self defense at battered a women’s shelter in Southern Maine and I continue to teach self defense to this day.
    I donate all of the income from this to local charitable causes and also donate a certain amount of coaching time to local entrepreneurs to help get them started.

    Leona Hosack of www.leonahosack.com/Silhouette said this about me:


    “Rustie MacDonald has patiently helped me to improve my understanding of social networking, and its use as a marketing tool.


    Through Rustie’s gentle encouragement, I have been able to move through my lack of self-confidence, begin to build an effective web presence, and improve my ability to grow my business.


    Her understanding of using social media for the development of small businesses, combined with her experience as a life coach makes her a wonderful guide! ”


    For me, stories like that are what help make my days more fulfilled.


    ‘Oh Rustie, it is easy for you to have a positive outlook on life – after all you have everything going for you. If my life was like your life I too would be more cheerful.’


    Comments like that can be a common statement from others that are merely on the outside looking in however the reality is in 2006 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I did extensive work researching how to not only survive, but live well with Celiac disease.


    I realized how few educational resources were available to those with Celiac Disease. This further deepened my desire to help others. I opened Celiac Roads Life Coach, which has grown to have an international presence.


    I am blessed to be a respected consultant for schools, restaurants and families. Today I teach how to live and thrive on a Gluten Free diet.


    I continue consulting, helping small businesses on growing their sales and teaching effective marketing strategies. I was recently interviewed on The Power of One TV show.


    As an advocate for Celiac Disease, I love to present my motivational and inspirational messages throughout New England and that reach continues to expand as my positive message is now international.


    I am a true believer in changing the way we think and the use of words (affirmations). I have inspired many to improve their personal and professional lives.


    There you have it, a little more of who Rustie Macdonald is and where she is heading in the near future. As part of my mission to consistently impact the world around me in my new book ‘Having Tea With My Skeletons’ this is my true story of how:


    1) I untangled myself from myself


    2) I began to embrace my fears


    3) Started to love myself


    4) Eased up on myself destructive behaviors


    5) Ended abusive relationships and started to live


    thrive, love and be loved


    This book shares with you how I stood naked in front of a mirror emotionally, physically and spiritually and came to embrace my imperfections.


    The ultimate goal of this book is to inspire and motivate as many as read it and apply what is shared within to also LIVE and Thrive to your fullest potential.” said, Rustie Macdonald, full time single mother, Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Celiac, International Radio Talk Show Host and founder of MacDonald Marketing Concepts, LLC

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