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    Posted May 4, 2014 by
    Houston, Texas

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    God's People Do You Know?

    Deception Of Wolves In Sheep Bodies

    "To All of God's Children in Christ Jesus"

    The entire man made church system is a wicked deception that exists without God. Churches of men has no connection whatsoever with God or eternal destiny. they are entirely self centered and aimed at gain for the church ministers operators. Churches as we know them which is men made buildings exists totally separate from God, they are in fact opposed to God and His Blessed Son Jesus Christ.

    Men made church building systems is a worldly system only for the pleasing of the flesh and greed of savage wolves in sheep clothes. They do not subject themselves to God or to His Son Jesus Christ. Men made Church leadership use doctrine and “biblical principles” to manipulate ignorant Believers, Christians, Saints.
    Vast multitudes of naive Believers, Christians, Saints are drawn into the men made church systems. They believe they are working on their eternal destiny but they are enslaved to men made systems and religious services that don't serve God's people at all, But only the ministers and their friends.

    The majority of God's people only want a loving relationship Christ Jesus and each other in the body of our Lord blessed Kingdom, and be contact with God who is The Daddy, Father of us all. It is not the objective of theme made ministers to bring people to Jesus. Church and His awesome blessed Kingdom. But they enslaves people to them and men made buildings. It makes people believe that they are serving God by serving men made buildings and its worship services That is a wicked lie from the Devil himself and the angels of darkness.

    Men made buildings and its ministers activities are marketing tools aimed at fulfilling needs created in the minds of people. Church members are brain washed into thinking that these ceremonies are essential to their eternal destiny. Facilities and attractions are put in place to please people. they have nothing to do with God or The Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

    All that matters is knowing and following Jesus Christ, the Invisible God. He will say to many people in that day: Go away I never knew you. Jesus Christ is God. Salvation is knowing and being in a constant relationship with Jesus. Jesus is the Head of His True Church, The body of Christ which is all Believing Believers, Christians, Saints. They are His sheep, who know His voice and follow Him, every step of the way, every day of their lives.

    If you want to spend eternity in the presence of God in heaven you need to get to know Jesus now, before it is too late. Once you die you face judgment. If you did not get to know Jesus in this life, you will spend eternity away from Him as well.
    Seek Jesus now, before it is for ever too late. Don't go to men made buildings just to serve their needs, go to Jesus for He is The Only True Way to Our Father in Heaven and live, walk, serve in Christ love, unity and our God given equality in our Lord's Blessed Kingdom.We believe that the bible is the very written word of God, and that it is absolutely reliable for all matters pertaining to life.
    Rather than just joining a ministry and going through the motions. The desire of our hearts more than anything else, is to grow to look like Jesus, to get involved at Apostle James R. Winfree Ministries. To get involved in growth, change, and relationships with other believers here in the USA and worldwide.

    We here at Apostle James R. Winfree Ministries place our priority upon openness and flexibility, believing that such climate is conducive to personal relational and spiritual growth. We are loosely structured to allow room for the Holy Spirit change and His freshness and God's innovations.

    We come together to live, teach and preach love, unity and equality to all believers in Christ Jesus, to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness. We are here for the encouragement, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ building up the body of Christ.

    We are here to support and have loving saints in our communities that live, believe and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach unity and equality for all believers in the faith.

    . We know and believe that every believer in Christ Jesus has something of value to offer to this ministry and to each other this is where we are maturing in all areas of our lives spiritually as we give of ourselves and support to help others in the faith.

    We are first of all believers in Christ Jesus striving to make Jesus central in our lives. He is Lord of His Church, and it is around Him that our mission and purpose revolve.

    The Holy Spirit has a rich diversity of believers from all ethnic, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. He has also brought about unity and equality that communicates warmth and acceptance to all who join in His fellowship.

    We believe that in Jesus Christ's church which is His true Body, there should be no believer in need.

    Our Lord said in Luke 6:38 if you give you will receive. Your gift and support will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, because men will give what you need, for what measure you give-whether large or small will be used to measure what is given back to you, be lead by Jesus Christ Holy Spirit in your giving and support.

    "One of the most loving blessings of being in
    fellowship and partnership with
    Apostle James Winfree & Team Ministries
    is that the results of the choices
    we make together now will echo and
    make changes now and throughout
    time and eternity!"
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