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    Posted May 4, 2014 by
    Mesa, Arizona
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    Grocery Price Craze


    Today I went for groceries to my neighborhood store.


    I have been watching the shoppers for some time now as they became more and more selective and mindful of what they buy. It would be nice, except most of them do it to stretch their dollars. The entire grocery business has gradually raised their prices to where fewer and fewer people can keep up.


    Packages, cans became smaller, prices went up and the meat counter has a lot of window-shoppers. They look, but don't buy. The prices more than doubled only in about two years. And they weren't low then.


    Oh, the manager faults the government for this. As always, blame it on Mr. Obama. He said, it's like this all over the country.


    I blame it on greed. I made up my mind and I will be vegetarian. I have some in my family and those are the slimmest. Just check it out, you rarely see a vegetarian, or vegan overweight.


    Yes, beef tastes good, but it is neither too healthy, nor too safe. I would be thrilled to see enough people doing it to make a dent on the grocery business.


    There are many other ways to get around depending on those stores all of the time. Grow some of your foods, raise some chickens, avoid processed foods.


    I saw at the market an isle that had grape jelly jars for about $1.50 and peanut butter jars for 99 cents. The jelly had everything you don't want in food, so did the peanut butter. The peanut butter, like most things nowadays was in a plastic jar, which can have toxins.


    Imagine, if you are poor, you are going to gobble a lot of that and your kids will too. So much for healthy foods...


    My suggestion: Become vegetarian. My other suggestion is to vote for Democrats to preserve democracy, otherwise you will be at the mercy of Big Business. They don't care what you eat, how you get by, or how healthy you are.


    Go to a regular grocery store as a shopping-observer and see the long faces and the mood of the shoppers. You will understand what I am talking about. It used to be very different, much more chatting, laughing, good energy. Now it is worried, sad, stressed and uncomfortable.

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