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    Chicago, Illinois

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    From Chicago Gangs to Chicago Mentor


    With the advent of the recent murders in Chicago, the city has been Dubbed "Chiraq"! Even though the currnet number of murders (421 in 2013) is a far cry from when I was in a gang in the early 1990's (934 in 1992), more still needs to be done. I was born in Chicago, IL. When I was born, my mother was a 17 year old drug addict, and my father was a married 36 year old, ex Chicago Bears practice team member. My father left his wife and two children for my mother. To control my mother, my father beat her severly. My mother left me with my father when I was 5 to escape the abuse. I never saw my mother again until I was almost 18. With no one else to abuse, my father turned his bloody admonishments on me. The abuse , coupled with the departure of my mother took a mental and emotional toll on me. By the time I was 6, I attacked a kid with a razor blade. I wasn't a bad kid, but I was repeating the cycle of violence agains me. When I was 15, I was kicked out on the gang ridden streets of Chicago. Out of necessity, I joined one of the most murderous gangs in Chicago, only to become a monster myself. I began hunting down and robbing street corner drug dealers to get money. That was the first time that I used my gun on someone. Since I was homeless, I washed up in sinks of restaraunts and slept in hallways. Being one of the best high school football players in Chicago did little to help me escape my predicament. A retired Chicago policeman entered my life to help me escape a life of crime. In 1994 one of the acts of my gang made national headlines, and made the cover of Time's Magazine! Later my father made Chicago headlines when he was murdered in his home, common sense pointed to his gang banging son with an axe to grind. With help of the retired police officer, I made it to college and obtained a Bachelors for Illinois State University. To honor Officer Davis, I knew that I had to "pay it forward" and help out others that seen gang life as positive. I now dedicate my life to affect a positve change on the inner city youth. I fight to change the mindset of urban, inner city youth. I have been mentoring at risk Children for over 12 years. I published my autobiography titled, "From God's Monster to the Devil's Angel". Now many at risk teens have something tangible to refer to, and to motivate them when they feel that life gets no better. I have a webpage http://www.paccbutler.com/. This is a site where people can see me actually speaking to teens. I use my site as a blog to touch on issues that need to be addressed in the uban community. I love being a motivational speaker and a hands on mentor to these teens. It is my way of saying, "Thank you Officer Davis!" My book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as a paperback and as a downloadable ebook.

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