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    Interior Landscaping: Why more Offices are Turning Green from the Inside


    According to the experts, indoor planting can greatly improve concentration, productivity, creativity, while decreasing stress and anxiety. More and more homeowners and business owners are coming to realize the huge benefits of interior landscaping.


    Interior Landscaping - Studies and Evidence


    There is plenty of evidence and many studies conducted that show that items such as fragrances, art and plants can increase productivity and efficiency at work. These studies were performed by two natural biologists from the University of Exeter, UK. Furthermore, another biologist called Roger Ulrich has performed a few similar studies in the 1990s, showing the significant health benefits in the case of people exposed to plant displays, scenes of nature or beautiful views of gardens. He also declared that the symptoms of the sick-building syndrome (SBS) are dramatically reduced when the interior of a building is adorned with plants and flowers.


    What’s even more amazing about all these theories and studies is that these positive effects are mainly related to the psychological part, not to the physical aspect of the plants.


    Anti-Social Behavior – A Huge Problem Nowadays


    Big cities have a huge problem dealing with anti-social behavior, which manifests especially among teens and business people who spend hours in front of the computer, either playing games or running their businesses. This anti-social behavior has been linked by many researchers and naturalists to a lack of access to green spaces. We as human beings are strongly connected to the nature, so staying connected with the environment is a proven way for a healthier lifestyle and a happier life.


    In order to solve this problem, doctor and naturalists alike recommend people to plant their own flowers in the backyard, plant more trees or move in a location which is close to streams, lakes and trees. However, this is almost impossible in big cities like New York or Las Vegas. Business owners who rent apartments or those who do not have enough space for planting trees or flowers in front of their houses have another option – interior plantscapes.


    Interior Plantscapes – The Trend of the 21st Century


    Interior plantscapes are becoming a perfect addition to interior spaces, for both homeowners and business owners looking to add an extra touch of naturalness and improve indoor environmental quality. Some plants have been found to be extremely effective air purifiers. Additionally, by selecting the right plants to complement a certain décor, company owners can transform a sober interior space into a welcoming venue. For instance, peace lilies complemented by bamboo palm and spider plants could work wonders in any spacious room.


    Tall and short, large and small – interior plantscapes can be easily incorporated into any space, regardless of size or positioning. All of these plants can be easily maintained with adequate watering. Moreover, they can last for months or even for years in some cases. Some of the holistic benefits of interior landscaping include a sense of calm, increased peace, higher productivity, enhanced morale, more comfort and even a unique sense of pride.


    Final Words


    Indoor plants and plantscapes don’t just look attractive, they are also good for your health, improving your concentration and helping you and your employees be more creative. Because these plants and green landscapes such as vertical gardens, vertical walls or biotecture, can be incorporated virtually anywhere, the only question is: “Are you ready to capitalize on the benefits of interior landscaping?”.

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