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    Posted May 5, 2014 by

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    New Medications Seen to Curb Fatal Prescription Drug Overdose

    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier approved a prescription treatment that can be used by anyone to counter opioid overdose.

    Evzio, a naloxone hydrochloride injection, was approved last month by the FDA, a breakthrough expected to save many lives in the future.

    The hand-held auto-injector is able to deliver a single dose of the drug naloxone, an opioid antagonist usually used for emergency treatment of people who are believed to be experiencing prescription drug overdose. It rapidly reverses the effects of the overdose and has become a standard treatment for it.

    The new hand-held packaging means that it can be used by ordinary people and not just trained medical personnel. It can be stored in the house for emergency use.

    But while such news is to be celebrated, the ultimate challenge is to prevent drug overdose from happening – by addressing the addiction itself.

    The FDA revealed that drug overdose is now the leading cause of injury death in the country, surpassing motor vehicle accidents. It is driven largely by prescription drug overdose.

    Another relatively new treatment for drug addiction is BioCorRx’s Start Fresh Program (BICX, http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=BICX), which is a dual approach that utilizes both anti-addiction medication and counseling.

    The drug used is naltrexone (http://www.startfreshprogram.com/), a known opioid receptor antagonist, that has long been tapped to treat drug and alcohol addiction. What is unique with BioCorRx’s treatment is the use of implants. The naltrexone is produced in pellet form, which is then inserted in the lower abdomen area of the body.

    The implant is able to release small doses of the medication so that the patient’s cravings for drugs or alcohol are curbed for at least six months. This allows the patient to undergo life coaching without the danger of relapse.

    The naltrexone implant is so effective that patients claim that as soon as two to three hours after the outpatient procedure, they do not have cravings for drugs or alcohol anymore.
    BioCorRx’s overall program is reported to have a success rate of 85 percent for patients who have undergone all 15 sessions of the life coaching process within a span of six months. The therapy addresses their plans on the future, on how to start an addiction-free life.

    Both Evzio and BioCorRx’s naltrexone implant are making waves because of the convenience their new form brings. While Evzio makes it easier for people without medical background to administer life-saving naloxone, the naltrexone implant allows those who are drug dependent to immediately lose their cravings for addictive substances. It protects them from relapse since they do not need to remember to take the naltrexone in oral form every day.

    BioCorRx, a US-based public company, is counting on the success of this implant to push the expansion of its Start Fresh Program clinics. It already announced a deal that will lead to the launch of its Atlanta, Georgia clinic. At least four more new clinics are expected to open this year.

    It already has four clinics in Arizona, Connecticut, Nebraska and California (each in Santa Ana and in Walnut Creek).
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