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    Posted May 5, 2014 by

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    The Best Day of Your Life


    Dear Mr. President Barack H Obama: We sojourn the day, like a final quest to "manifest quality" in some middle class agenda, you brought forth on Saturday.  There is a minor issue in our hope to achieve success.. it's more like playing "Santa Claus" but it deserves some pondering.  Jesus' Mom and Dad sacrificed at the Temple, two turtle doves for the blessing of the Israeli peoples custom, that Christ would be spared, and of course God accepted the sacrifice.  This is a similitude of our daily bread, and I loved that about you... because riches as you well know is insanity (as onto Howard Hughes and Saddam Hussein) that people on milk can not ascertain the responsibilities that come with the "Lamb of God" that becomes the upper middle-class meekness of our Lord in hopes we do better than his struggles to be giving.  This is not an animal sacrifice, nor a human sacrifice, but a metaphor as onto if you see someone naked you clothe them in dignity; like the prodigal son, that our Lord does not despise.  Probably his garment without hem represents a wool blanket, that many a person esteem to as warmth and comfort in the darkened days of winter... it is fascinating how he pierces the future and knows all... to let his sheep hear his voice, as we cry for recognition as valid members of his body.  Yes, sir he is meek and prays greater exploits will we do than him... our wish also, for generations to come.  I am Karen Dudley right now, not in perversion, but we share one body... and jockey my knighthood to protect her... this is my only love.  Hi?  Life gets tough at times with the "thin the herd" mentality of getting automobiles off the road and it's subsidiary "date rape" that are not her doing.  Yet we groan for a more balanced approach to the safe road of: Straight Street.  The bible is full of shepherds and we lean on our staffs and talk (aloud) and listen plainly to God of people of the heart, that we attach contribution to, as in Solomon and "remember our solitude" an adjunct to the lost and to be found worthy.  Like yourself Mr. President.  I bid thee adieu to digest a tid-bit of today's word and the Lamb of God, that we might be a "giving" Nation.  Jesus just wept.  For he hopes dearly for staff to light burden.   Be blessed: David M Pedjoe

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