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    Posted May 5, 2014 by
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    Gestalt Consulting Group Introduces the Talent Management Toolkit

    David Lutes, Director at Gestalt Consulting Group has developed the most innovative and comprehensive integrated Talent Management Toolkit (TMT) available today. The TMT uses a creatively re-worked 9-Box Matrix to capture and analyse information about key managers and other personnel who have been identified as high-potentials and possible successors for higher-level of more senior positions. The TMT takes a 'snapshot' of the individual from seven (7) different perspectives and then presents the information in a user-friendly Talent Tracker Dashboard. TMT is currently paper-based but will soon be available in Excel format.

    TMT helps organizations conduct effective Manpower Utilization and Succession Planning while providing valuable data and insights into…..Impact of Loss, Career Pathing, Global Mobility, Marginal Talent, Potential Flight Risks, Advancement Readiness, ‘Critical to Retain’ Personnel, Hi-potential Top Talent Pipelines, Individual Learning and Development Plans, Subject Matter Experts and Technical Specialists.

    TMT is built on the critical principle that Talent Review and especially Succession Planning should not be carried out for large numbers of people at one time. It is not a broad-brush exercise but is rather focused on a well-defined population. It requires focused energy and time to carry it out properly. We are talking about good people – possibly your best people – with careers and futures – and families – to consider. This type of assessment could dramatically change theirs (and your life). It should not be rushed. If they grow, contribute and stay, everyone wins – including you.

    This Toolkit allows organization to focus and carefully look at key people from numerous angles. No one ‘angle’ or view is complete in and of itself and those using the tool should allow quality time to complete it for named individuals. Of particular note is the Impact of Loss and Flight Risk Assessment – if the organization is serious about success through its best people, then the worksheet provided should be used carefully and thoroughly. The TMT is designed to help you find the balance between capturing quality information and ease of analysis.

    It is an assessment tool that gives the organization:
    1. a snapshot Performance Review that draws on past and present information in the annual performance process (but uses a 9-point rating scale)
    2. a Potential (the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ person) summary focused on character, motivation, drive and ambition/focus
    3. a Promotion/Mobility Readiness Assessment with an eye on possible future roles for this individual
    4. an Impact of Loss Assessment and Flight Risk Assessment to gage the likelihood of the person leaving the organization prematurely, suddenly or inconveniently – and for what reasons….and what the possible impact might be to the organization
    5. a snapshot Behavioral Assessment – re: HOW, the person performs, interacts and demonstrates organizational, departmental and personal values
    6. an assessment of the person's Corporate Savviness

    Once automated, the Talent Management Toolkit will help organizations feel the pulse of their people investment with much greater precision.

    David Lutes has "...established himself as a thought leader in these areas, but more importantly as someone who gets things done in a decisive and practical way. He demonstrates "high levels of skills as a strategic succession planning and career development 'tool maker' and executive coach. I cannot recommend him or Gestalt Consulting Group highly enough as a senior level strategic OD, training and talent management consultant or director.” (Peter Martin, former Global OD Director, Petrofac International)

    David Lutes is an exceptionally talented consultant with extensive experience in talent management and organizational development. He's able to leverage his knowledge and experience to bring significant change and improvements to organizations. He is particularly adept at performance management system design while applying best practices around change management. The breadth of his expertise is invaluable in a global workplace." (Skip Marshall - Vice President and CTO, Tribridge Human Capital at Intelladon)
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