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    Posted May 5, 2014 by

    How Crazy is the Paleo Diet ?


    Is the Paleo diet an effective diet, or just another fad?


    Youve probably heard about Paleo. It is the hottest diet of our time. It comes not without controversy. There are many that say the diet is not really based on the diet of the paleolithic era, and may not be healthy. On the other hand there are thousands of testimonials onlline as to how effective the diet is.
    Paleo is against grains. In fact so are many other diets. Grains can cause autioimmune conditions in many people. Gluten sensitivity is just one example.
    But does the Paleo diet work? It seems it does. In fact, its not difficult to see how avoiding processed foods and preservatives can help you to lose body fat. Its also easy to see that these foods can cause many allergic type symptoms in many people.
    So what is so crazy about this?
    Perhaps its the way people present the diet. The whole caveman thing is a bit difficult to take seriously. Yet its hard to dispute that avoidng grains, preservatives and excess sugars, will probably have a very positive effect on your life.
    One common misconception is that Paleo people are always eating meat. In fact meats may be second in importance. Most Paleo dieters eat mostly vegetables. yes they do freely eat meat, and some probably overdo this. The Paleo diet is basically a diet of meat ,vegetables , fruits and nuts.
    Perhaps its a handful of wackos that make Paleo seem strange. People that perhaps take Paleo too far. Dressing like cavemen, hunting animals with primitive clubs is a bit absurd. We are after all not cavemen now. We live in a modern world. An often hectic world.


    The Paleo diet works. In fact it works where others fail. If you are interested in the Paleo diet, you may wish to check out . Another good resource is

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    All in all, you have nothing to lose by trying Paleo. It just could help you to look and feel great.

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