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    Posted May 6, 2014 by

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    Audio enhancement for the aging media


    Technology brings us to new places with audio. During the conference, lectures, speeches, press conferences and other conferences, speakerphone audio equipment and crew are often complex to direct the audio enhancements. That is the equipment is set at the event providing a clean audio, both for presentation and for recording.


    This added an extra effort on the front end of the work of professional audio and audio experts on the packaging of other media formats for distribution or syndication between studio DVD minimize product information.


    No spokesman for the advantage of high quality audio enhancement techniques, we now have to be used during presentations and recordings. Before upgrading audio and recording equipment usually, speakers and lectures must rely on advertising wise and sound projections to ensure that all present could hear.


    Even with the announcements and training by limiting sound recordings carefully preserved goods at low quality audio technology at the time. Even with the increase in microphone and recording technology, the sound is always recorded on tape.


    Changing the way we understand
    Outside the scope of work, personal audio recordings, such as letters and diaries fitted suffering from the effects of time on an analog medium. Loss of important events in the history of the family without audio accessories. Unfortunately, things like air, sunlight, gases, dust and humidity take a toll on tape media that is almost impossible to recover, even with the addition of audio.


    It is important to note that the increase in existing audio magic button or instant solution for audio recording damaged and or aging here. Engineers, small artifacts to combat poor volume and separation of certain sounds, but it can not be repaired badly damaged tape.
    To overcome this problem, some companies rely on transcripts of oral tradition and other professional transcription when repairs are completed. This transcript can be recorded dialogue, written report. For main audio, it is an effective way to remove the audio from the tape without the tape, media reps more seriously evaluate progress and cause further damage.


    Common problems audio enhancement
    Old media such as entanglement roll once admitted recording at different speeds. It is not uncommon for an important recording, injuries at the wrong speed by mechanical problems and bridge failures if the image. Audio technology, easy media playback speed setting, if you move the digital recording. This makes the whole master and offers a modern format for playback and review.


    In addition, the speed of playback, audio enhancement weaken or remove things like buzzing, hissing, humming, electrical noise, ambient sounds (horn, engine noise, traffic, natural sound) and the different colors that interfere with hearing and understanding the spoken dialogue in the folder.


    Do not give up on the old record, especially if the information is something that is important to you. Improved forensic audio and transcripts of oral history can revive your old audio format again.


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