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    Energy-Infused Lip Balm, Anyone?


    More than five years ago, analysts projected that energy-infused products would make a killing at the market as alternatives to energy drinks that are high in sugar.
    Food and personal goods started being infused with caffeine as a way to offer products that have the same effect of energy drinks but without high levels of sugar, unpleasant tastes and unnatural chemicals, CScout was quoted saying in a 2008 report by FoodNavigator-USA.com
    It seems to have been correct since. Today, more and more energy-induced products are being created and sold.
    Among them is the Energy-X SPF 30 Infused Lip Balm by Pacific Shore Holdings Inc.
    Selling at $2.99 each, the lip balm is being marketed for athletes and others engaged in an active lifestyle. The product website lists Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Andre Ethier as one of its ambassadors.
    But Energy-X can be used by anyone in need of a daily mild boost, especially working professionals, students and other people who are out and about every day.
    The United States based manufacturer’s products are infused with ingredients known to stimulate the mind and help retain focus. Because it is made from natural ingredients, like the rest of Pacific Shore’s products, it is safe to use every day and even has a money back guarantee.
    The ingredients include Natural Beeswax, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Hoodia Gordonii Extract, Safflower Oil and Coconut Oil, which are all believed to have stimulating effects on the body. It moisturizes and protects the lips while raising metabolism and increasing energy, among other things.
    The Energy-X SPF 30 lip balm is perfect for women-on-the-go and they can apply it as a lip primer. An added bonus is that it has SPF 30 to protect the lips’ sensitive skin. It comes in five different fruity flavors: original lemon-lime, fruit punch, grape rush, tangerine, and berry blast.
    People can even use the lip balm more than once a day. In fact, the manufacturer suggests four to eight times application in a day to get optimum results. It can be applied when retouching make-up or just about any time the lips feel dry.

    What people love about the product is that it’s three-in-one – moisturizer, sun protector and energy booster.
    Some may find it unlikely for a lip balm to have energy-infused properties but it is perhaps one of the most effective ways to introduce energy in the body without having to ingest anything. This is because the lips are one of the most absorbent parts of the human body.
    While in drinking coffee the caffeine enters the blood stream through the digestive tract, Energy-X enters the body through the blood vessels in the lips.
    A tube of Energy-X lip balm should last for at least a month. Because it does not have sugar or chemicals, the person using it will not experience burnout or crashed feelings. Its ingredients are able to give the user a natural boost of energy throughout the day.
    In addition to lip balm, the Energy-X brand also offers energy-infused and sugar-free peppermint and spermint gum, as well as what it calls The Juice, an energy supplement mixer that can be added to any drink or food – from juice to water to cocktails.
    Pacific Shore Holdings Inc. also manufactures environment-friendly pesticides for the home under the brand Nature-Cide, natural heating and cooling packs under the brand Thermal-Aid and aroma therapy shower sprays through the brand HomeSpa.
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