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  • Posted May 6, 2014 by
    Beverly Hlls
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    Going public with mental illness

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    We are ALL a bit NUTS because life makes us that way !


    Any  shrink will tell you that in this crazy World and life with all the  stress and pressures combined we are ALL driven a bit crazy much of the  time !

    Often we read about people who are at the top of  their professional lives, staunch, socially  prominent figures
    LOSING it and doing BIZZARE things !

    Every  human has a distinct personality based on genetic breeding combined  with environment and life experiences, we all handle challenges and  depression differently and many just CANNOT survive the numerous,  terrible tragedies that life too often brings !


    medical and legal professions make  fortunes, as do social-psychological therapists,etc from the so-called  mental illness label. Many fortune telling quacks are out there ready and willing to jump on the cuckoo $ nest  game !




    Sigmund Freud had NO idea what a monster he was  creating with his experiments with the human psych and no one exploits  this more than psychiatrists (shrinks, modern day witchdoctors) who leech all the $ they can from  vulnerable people who turn to these shrink sharks and wolves or religion  out of sheer DESPERATION because they sadly are NOT strong enough or  capable to fight the inevitable downsides of life's unhappinesses !



    Social services (goon squads) and departments are the courts and governments convenient escape routes to legally incarcerate folk who can't handle stress and lose it...and all too often steal their kids...thus dumping society's less fortunate into the abyss of sadistic and corrupt warehousing and at the mercy of unscrupulous morons !

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