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    Comic Book-Based Movie T-Shirts To Include In Your Collection Of Film Memorabilia


    Comic book fans were delighted and ecstatic since two comic book superhero flicks were just recently released, just within weeks of each other: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider Man 2. Both are already certified box office smashes and they will definitely continue to rake in loads of money even in the months and years to come.


    If you are also a comic book die-hard enthusiast and a great fan of movies based on Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and other comics, you will certainly appreciate collecting various memorabilia as well. And what would be a better (and more affordable) way to start or augment your collection that with cool comic-based movie T-shirts?


    In the past years, at least one comic book based or inspired movie comes out annually. Most of them are good and even great films but some just missed the mark completely, proving to be great disappointments to fans and at the box office.


    To remind comic book-inspired films die-hard fans and to inspire newbies when it comes to getting movie T-shirts to add to their wardrobes or collection, below are the best movie adaptations of all time, in no particular order:


    Superman: The Movie. The first best adapted comic book movie ever released. The film, which was released in 1978, paved the way for and inspired other directors of comic book adaptations to stay true to the story line, plots, costumes and other elements on which they would are based on. The film also had several sequels and made Christopher Reeves, Clark Kent and of course, Superman, household names across the world. And of course, no movie T-shirt collection will ever be complete without at least one Superman T-shirt. Actually, junk your movie and comic book tees collection if you don’t have a Superman one.


    Batman. This Tim Burton-directed film released in 1989 may not be as amazing or as epic as any of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy but still, it was great and true comic book adaptation. The movie’s story line, costumes and effects were great. The film was also elevated to pop culture and cult classic status due to the great acting efforts of thespians Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.


    Spider-Man 2. Though many fans are torn between choosing Sam Raimi’s web-slinger trilogy or the more recently released ones by director Marc Webb, there is no doubt that the second film in Sam’s adaptation was truly inspired and full of heart, making it one of the best comic book-based movies of all time. You will laugh, cry, get angry and feel all other emotions that you may have never felt when you saw other films. Of course, the effects are really great and again, you will certainly feel that your favorite superhero, Spider-man, has really jumped out of the comic book and into the big screen.


    Marvel’s The Avengers. Anyone who doesn’t agree that this film should be on the list may be mental. Which comic book fan would not love seeing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Hawk Eye and Nick Fury on the big screen in just one film? It’s like 6 mini-films in one big epic movie. And as Stan Lee aptly puts in, “Nuff said”.

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