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    Posted May 7, 2014 by

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    why BOKOHARAM will not stop nostradamus effect

    century II QUARTRAIN 53 Nostradamus WROTE MANY PROPHECIES AND 1000 prophecies as quartrains into century but many don't take him seriously while his prophecies are been fulfilled.
    The one that he said earth fire approaches the new city,it is not new york city,its a heavenly city which is presently harbouring the missing passengers of malaysian flight.This has already happened in the overthrowing of the antichrist.This is an information to hold on to but i will not loose focus.
    Nostradamus prophesied of the plague of bokoharam brought upon the city Nigeria,well in order not to waste time any further let me tell you what he said

    century ii quartrain 53

    The great plague of the maritime city
    Will not cease until there be avenged the death
    Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime,
    Of the great lady outraged by pretense.


    THE JUST BLOOD=ELIJAH aka the lamb

    THE LADY=ONE Of the disciples of the lamb.

    plague= bombing aka punishment =killing=avenging.

    This will be the future of nigeria when the FBI WILL COME IN WITH DRONES

    a new incursion will be made by the maritime shores, wishing to deliver the Sierra Morea from the first Mahometan recapture. Their assaults will not all be in vain, and the place which was once the abode of Abraham will be assaulted by persons who hold the Jovialists in veneration. And this city of “Achem” will be surrounded and assailed on all sides by a most powerful force of warriors. Their maritime forces will be weakened by the Westerners, and great desolation will fall upon this realm. Its greatest cities will be depopulated and those who enter will fall under the vengeance of the wrath of God.
    But for foreigners don't be scared of investing here in lagos,Nigeria and the south will have peace but not sure if there will be persecution,i believe it is the safest place to be in the world.
    for saints see psalm 91:1
    In the above prophecy the key word is many cities shall be depopulated,that means my advice is for all to learn survival instincts for the future and pass that to your childrenyou are entering bad times.Around 2030 to 2050 the saints will be saved and then will come a great serious turmoil which will then be renewed by God who will bound satan in the bottomless pit for a 1000 years.The end.
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