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    Nashville Entrepreneur Launches innovative new fitness product called The Spyder 360: Revolutionary fitness instrument expected to be a smash hit in the USA, globally

    By Paul Fitzgerald

    Here in Nashville Tennessee and across the United States for that matter, the reality of an overweight population is proving costly in so many ways.

    Federal and State governments are working collectively and rigorously in encouraging healthy living. Eating right and exercising daily are the messages being communicated to everyone via an array of channels and from a very early age.

    Fitness experts are also playing their part in promoting health and wellness. A healthier population means people will live longer and more prosperous lives. In turn this means they will not be a drain on the healthcare system, in fact they will encourage a stronger health care system.

    Enter Jonathan C. Smith, who calls Nashville home, he is an innovative entrepreneur who has been developing break through products for internationally known companies such as Motorola, Hefty, Sony, Brach’s Candies, and Mars Inc. over the last ten years.

    Over the last few years he has set his sights towards developing a product under his own steam that is focused on the fitness industry. And he is more than playing his part in promoting healthy living these days.

    The case in point is his new fitness instrument, The Spyder 360, which is revolutionary in every sense.

    Smith’s new invention will no doubt be a staple in the fitness world for years to come.

    The invention was developed to focus on your entire core and your stabilizer muscles. You can place your hands or feet on The Spyders 360’s which have Omni-directional ball bearings under them. The Spyder 360’s offers a workout like no other on a range of surfaces from high pile carpeting, to wood floors, even gym mats and tile floors. The harder the surface the more beneficial it is to your whole body.

    Simply put, it was developed to focus on your entire core, not just your abdominals, and it engages more muscles than when performing a multitude of comparable exercises, like with push-ups, ab roll outs, and single arm slides, pikes, atomics, stair climbers and other exercises you would normally need over 5 pieces of equipment to perform. As well it develops your stabilizer muscles for the whole upper body.

    “The feedback we are receiving on our new fitness instrument is just out of this world,” says an enthusiastic Smith during an interview at Nashville Athletic Club here in middle Tennessee. “We have been testing our first production prototypes and we are getting so many positive reviews - it’s just unreal. And the insights about how people are seeing the benefits is surpassing even our wildest dreams”

    Smith drummed up the idea while studying Industrial Design and Marketing at Auburn University.

    He and his college roommates were active in the gym and in many different recreational sports. However, all of them were always seeking a more engaging workout – A product that can be used to perform more than between 1-5 different exercises.

    One night Smith thought about a combination of workouts and wondered how he could combine them into one. Then after doodling images on a napkin at a local restaurant, The Spyder 360 was born.

    Smith asked his roommates what they thought about the idea and they were sold in an instant.

    The rest is history, well almost.

    He and his wife established their company, Exponent Fitness, and assembled a team who conducted a series of observational research trips where they interviewed beginner to advanced level fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. Then they built a few sets of prototypes and started demoing the product to trainers, associations, strength coaches, cross-fit trainers, entry level consumers, chiropractors, and therapists, all of whom provided in-depth feedback that helped them understand the breadth and capability of the fitness instrument he developed.

    This past March Smith and his family took his invention to the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, where hundreds of fitness fanatics and bodybuilders had the chance to try it out.

    And, everyone loved it. The cross fit community, MMA fighters, personal trainers, strength coaches, University coaches and trainers, athletic combine coaches, P90X graduates, and even Chiropractors and Physical therapists took a like to the new invention right away.

    So many people at the Arnold Sports Festival were beyond impressed with the instrument when they used them at their booth. They wanted to purchase the prototypes Smith had brought with him, but they were not for sale. Either way the response from consumers clamoring to purchase them was the tipping point for Smith.

    Ania Anvaryfar, founder and owner of A2 Fitness Inc. and who was crowned as the second place winner in the World’s Top Figure Competition at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, had the chance to check out the instrument.

    “The Spyder 360 is a sound workout,” says Anvaryfar. “While the instrument is on wheels you won't fall flat on your face. Your body reacts accordingly and naturally so you are totally safe. What I really like about this new instrument is that you get a pile of different workouts all in one – it’s amazing.”

    Smith and his team will be officially launching a major Kickstarter campaign in June to secure pre-order capitol and investments. And they are unveiling a huge marketing and social media campaign to get the word out to fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. Smith himself just returned from a week-long trip in China where he met with reputable companies who will make and distribute the product to consumers in the USA and around the world.

    “We provided a set of the prototypes to over 20 different individuals such as chiropractors, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness coaches’ and none of them wanted to give it back – they love it,” explains Smith.

    “I am hearing from so many people that The Spyder 360 is designed to give you more for less, to keep you moving and engage not just your core, but your whole body unlike any other fitness instrument developed to date,” he adds.

    Smith and his team will also soon take things one step further as they will even have a mobile application whereby users can capture short videos of new exercises they develop and share them with the larger community of The Spyder 360 users. Allowing the users to drive new innovations and uses for them as they are so incredibly versatile that each time he shows them to someone, they have a new exercise they perform with them that he hasn’t seen yet.

    “Our objective is to build a community where people can share their experiences with the product, get targeted nutritional information, and find a local service provider in their area who can provide them with someone on one attention” says Smith.
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