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    The Africa we don't see

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    shouldn't be a forgotten issue

    Whenever I think about my country, tears of sorrow run down my checks, Nigeria is no more a country, but an abattoir where human beings are slaughtered, people never believe that this life is a mystery, it is so beautiful.
    In Nigeria, treasury looters are praised and hailed. Pastors pray for them. They even give thanks in churches but people who pick pockets to survive in Nigeria which politicians have turned into hell for the less privileged are being given jungle justice.
    Recently, it was said that they stole phones and laptops, and they were roasted. Imagine in a community called “Aluu community in Omuokiri” port Harcourt, students were being given jungle justice. Let my fellow Nigerians have this thought for a minute: that not a single person in the community could inform the police meaning that they all agreed in the community to give jungle justice. The government should not keep on looking for the suspects they cannot get but should punish the whole community starting from the community leader to even the young ones. It was said that when they were killing these people, the youth were present. These people turned the state to a place where is no law.
    Jesus said and I quote “for nations shall rise against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earth quakes, in divers place.” Throughout the world Nigeria will be the first country where God will start His judgement because thing are done without His fear.
    Take for instance Clifford Orji who was caught with human part in 1999, was jailed and not killed until recently when he gave up the ghost. Does it mean they never wanted to kill him? Imagine politicians looting trillions and nothing was done to that but a poor man who steals magi ends up in jail after some days’ hearing.
    In Nigeria, Justice has gone on a journey of no return, whereby Justice is not done anymore. Wickedness has now over flown their hearts. They no more care about what will be the result of what they do, be it good or bad. They forget that what man sows is what he will surely reap. Let the concerned know that we the poor are homeless but not hopeless; we know you are capable of doing and undoing things, but God who we serve will surely save us.
    The dead are gone, the families and friends will try their possible best to forget about the painful death of their loved ones but the picture keeps on knocking their hearts which brings about tears of sorrow, pictures of the past, it also brings about remembering and making use of what the deceased always say. What will happen when their parents enter into their dead children’s room? No one can tell the answer. They smell the scent that comes out of their clothes and tears of sorrow over flow their cheeks.
    Back to the recent incident, the people who took Justice into their hands should just have the thought: if it were to be their relations, younger or elder ones, in what mood would they be? But sometimes the hardest things in life are what make you the strongest.
    I never knew them, have never seen them not to talk of talking to them, but I felt the pain in my heart after watching the video, I felt the pain more than those who bore them, do we ever know who will save Nigeria from this pain? Be it’s the deceased. Words may lie but my actions are there to tell the truth because I can tell you I never felt the pain but after I watched the video, my actions were strange.
    What a pity, future engineers were killed by some heartless souls. Their parents were happy when their wards were admitted into the university of port Harcourt, but heartless Aluu community occupant never let there dreams come true, they never let their parents reap the fruits of their labour.
    Nigerians should love each other. Don’t lie, keep communication going, when you get hurt, forgive and forget, never say its’ ok when it’s not. If you say sorry, you have to mean it because been hurt is something you cannot stop from happening. Our thought, word or deeds should base on love and not fear because LOVE is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, heals,. While FEAR is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, hides, harms.
    Let all Nigerians be in one accord in the view of sweeping sorrow away. Nigerian’s newspapers have now turned into sorrow newspapers because every blessed day, a story in it will make ones day bad {sour], they are always carrying a suicide case, murder case, divorce case etc. while good news carries only 5% of the paper which is bad.
    Politicians’ angle carries 70% evil while 30% is from the clueless followers whose thought 24 hours is to destroy, kill and chronicle bad histories. In the recent case, leaders are not to blame but the occupant of Aluu community. They never thought about what they did before carrying out the operation with the help of their leaders.
    Would be great engineers from poor homes where given jungle justice. If you watched the video, you will never know when tears will fill your eyes, (tears of sorrow). They never let the young scholars achieve their aims. The people who did this, even if the law enforcement cannot get them, curses have been placed on them and their generation to come.
    Handsome young engineers will be graduating in three years’ time but their destinies were sealed to end in pain by the Aluu community occupants.
    Biring Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna kelechi, Wike lyodloku, Tekena Erikena, continue to rest in the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more. The day I saw your faces on “THE NATION NEWSPAPER” I felt the pain and sorrow from my heart, not only because of the handsome faces but for the generation you ought to produce and your destinies those heartless occupant sealed to end in pain.
    To the federal government, on behalf of all Nigerians youths I say: these people who killed our fellow youths are not ordinary human beings but killers, monsters. If they were not, how would they burn fellow human beings and roast them like rams? Even rams cannot be killed in such way. Get those who have hands in this and let them face the law.
    If the government of the country is not being sentimental, Aluu community leaders who have hands in this should be brought to book.
    To the parents and loved ones of the victims: I want you to know that life is a mystery, it’s so beautiful, it is also a market place where we buy and leave, they have left us alone, they have gone on a journey of no return, they have left this sinful world, they have faced the world and have contributed their own quotas. When they were with us, they fell, they rose, they made mistakes, they lived to learn, they were human, they were not perfect, but they were thankful. They appreciate what they had, they tried their best, they loved and cherished those who brought out the best in them and they never let them down, they knew good things were coming down the street, so they didn’t stop walking, that took them to UNIPORT where they meet their untimely death, they believed that if there were no ups and downs in life, it meant one was dead. But now they are gone. But before I end my piece, parents, life is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions, but when life gets you down, just be strong about it and keep your heads up high and have faith in all things in life. Always remember that God is at your side.
    To all Nigerians, home and away: Have the courage to do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to live with integrity.

    Name: Fakuade Oluwafemi Paul.
    sociology student: Houdegbe North American University.
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