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    Posted May 7, 2014 by
    Phillipston, Massachusetts
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    Stop Blaming the Difference


    Let me start this essay by saying I have people on the Spectrum in my life. I believe that what is portrayed in many circles as a disability is in actuality a difference. Which is why I am so upset when I see a lawyer or the media insinuating a person's bad behavior is somehow linked to the fact that they have Aspergers or that they are on the spectrum.
    Think about the link that is being made for a minute. Never would we hear a lawyer or the media discussing a person committing a crime and suggesting that their race or ethnicity was the reason the person behaved the way they did. There would be screams of outrage from all sectors of society, and rightly so. Yet somehow if a crime or bad behavior is attributed to a neurological difference, there is not the same outrage.
    Let me be clear therefore right here, that this link perpetrated and insinuated by the media and the courts, is a total fallacy. People on the Spectrum and with Aspergers are among the most caring, sensitive and brilliantly creative people I have ever been privileged to meet. Their minds are like sponges, even into adulthood and they can recall every bit of information they ever read. They are kinder than most and have a soul that can touch your heart.
    What concerns me most about the false images in the press today is the repercussions of this incorrect stereotyping that are felt in the real world. They echo through the everyday and make life harder on the majority of these people, who are fully functioning, law abiding members of society.
    A person's conscious choice should not be tangled up with their difference. There are good and bad in every sector of life. We all make choices good and bad. And there are always results, good and bad which arise as a result of these choices. We need to make this clear to society and to our children as well.
    Most importantly we need to remember that one persons choices, do not represent the whole segment of that population and demand that our media and our courts stop portraying it as otherwise.
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