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    Author and spiritual advisor - Raphael Michael Happy-Ikenwilo Israel has a vast vision to impact the world around him by giving free cancer consultations via his spiritual help center


    In today’s world with the population growing at rates not imagined one hundred years ago there are those that set out to make a positive impact on the world around them.


    In this interview we have one such individual - Raphael Michael Happy-Ikenwilo Israel.


    Mr. Israel shared with us that he is planning to reach the majors newspapers in the United States of America and in the top ten nations most affected with cancer. After investigations, he said that he has discovered that 30% of those affected with cancer are inoculated from the occult realm.


    Now without further ado here is Raphael Michael Happy-Ikenwilo Israel:


    “During my youth I was initiated to take over my father’s seat as the head of the occult cult of our village, but with much disapproval from my family and friends I rejected the position and followed God to oppose my father’s ways.


    In 2005 I graduated from the spiritual realm as a doctor in spiritual sciences. As a minister for the past twenty two years I have dealt with cases of “Fake Cancer” and other sicknesses as a direct result of the occult realm.


    I am very well acquainted with the occult and their operations and came to the US to investigate how cancer is mandated by the creator of heaven and earth. According to Standup2Cancer.org, ‘Cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths in the U.S’.


    Finally, after 2 years of investigations, conducted since 2012, in the states of:


    1) North Carolina


    2) South Carolina


    3) Maryland


    4) Washington, DC


    5) Virginia


    6) California


    7) Florida




    8) Pennsylvania


    I can now affirm without doubt that 30% of cancer cases in the USA are caused by the occult realm. A witch can destroy by her/his operations at least, 2000 lives and more, depending on their level of involvement in the cult.


    We know about them in Africa, but America has its own sects, much more organized, subtle, demonically wicked and dangerous. They follow an organized and planed agenda.


    That said is why I am setting up the office of ‘Fake Cancer.org’ so as to have a base of action to continue our effort to set up a Spiritual Help Center wherever needed.


    You see my story is the direct cause of my passion to help other affected by ‘Fake Cancers.’


    After running away from her husband who was the head of the witch doctor of the village, my mother, after the birth of my sister and senior brother, bled for 24 months and had to finally undergo surgery to remove the suspected fibroid or cancerous tissue.


    To the doctor’s surprise, they found a baby, me! I was given the name “my benefit”. This was a complete miracle as the doctors did not expect that there was a baby in my mother’s womb and they never saw it during their tests.


    During my upbringing, I was chosen and trained by my mom’s husband in the spiritual realm as his future heir, to take over his seat as ‘First of the nine’, the head of the witch doctors of our village, nested in the deep forest in central Africa.


    Once I reached adulthood, I was pressured by the whole village to take over the seat of head witchcraft doctor of the village. Unfortunately for them, I fought the position and refused to take it.


    As a result I was lead into a great battle which led to my encounter with various spiritual authorities both angelic and demoniac such as, Beelzebub the prince of the demons, the Queen of the coast, the head of Satan’s marine kingdom, Satan himself.


    My refusal to assume this position led to my search for the ‘Ultimate Power’ to withstand the battle I was going through, to encounter and accept Jesus-Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1992.


    It was during this time I travelled to the USA for a special assignment and ever since I have been faithfully serving in the ministry of Healing and Deliverance which He endowed to me 21 years ago.


    Unknown to most, many people who have been affected with several unexplained diseases, mainly from the occult realm have been delivered and healed.


    When I graduated from the spiritual university in 2005 as Doctor of Spiritual Sciences I made it my mission to impact the world around me by setting up a spiritual help center, a place where people will receive free consultations to appraise the nature of their cancer and if needed, assistance towards healing or direction to a government sanctioned treatment center.” said, Raphael Michael Happy-Ikenwilo Israel, founder FakeCancer.org

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