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    Posted May 8, 2014 by
    District of Columbia

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    Locked Up!


    I was kicked out of school in the 1960s/1970s because of some pretty severe behavioral problems.


    Dr. Irving Rose, of Educational Improvement Services in Hyattsville, Maryland did his thing... and at the end he told my mother that I was a sociopath.


    In writing and speaking about this in the past I found that I would have some difficulty in getting people to understand it's true meaning and think that I am just some nut case like those I am talking about here and now.


    Based on the diagnostic criteria of the DSM in the late sixties and early seventies labeling me a sociopath was all that they had. **Update: I learned that in the sixties and seventies there was no DSM, in fact there were a bunch of little books that were used and then were all compiled into one book, the DSM.


    But this leaves me with many unanswered questions, ponderings and speculation.


    Autism and all of the associated disorders have come to light in this day and age because of the continued development of the diagnostic criteria used by psychiatrists every where.


    Autism and all behavioral disorder, whether you can believe it, or not are the result of allergy.


    All the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives cause all of it. 100% and I mean absolutely ALL OF IT!


    Now if we look back at what has happened in the past. the flawed incomplete criteria and standards as they have developed throughout our time you have to ask some questions.


    If I was a sociopath and today I am not because it's more like a PDD, high functioning autism, or something else.


    What about the others? Were they really sociopaths?


    Jeffrey Dahmer, yes he was a very sick man, no doubt about that, But he was a sociopath, or so they said.


    Look at every serial killer, every body who has done something that everybody knows that they should have known better, but for one reason or another they did not and committed whatever horrible acts they could get away with.


    Mental illness isn't an exact science, it never will be.


    Everything that I have found with regard to what the toxic chemical based artificial additives absolutely and totally debunks most of psychiatry and psychology.


    I'm 100% certain that most if not all mental health professionals might want to argue that I am wrong, but I hate to tell you.... I am not.


    If all the chemical additives were banned.... we would not need three quarters, or even four fifths of the mental health professionals that we have today.


    Big Pharma wouldn't have such a stranglehold on the public they do.


    Raise your hand if you take some pills of some kind, any kind. Daily vitamins? if you brush your teeth with something colorful


    If the additives were banned, the doctors, corporations and the entire medical field would be turned on its ear.


    I think this is why I am met with such resistance when I try to bring this to some medical professionals. They go nuts on me and actually would like to assault me because I will not hold back, I will tell you the truth and believe it is the truth.


    Today I saw a psychiatrist and he was extremely interested in what I had to say and that was not from a professional standpoint. He was not evaluating me, he was listening and seeing just how much I know about this.


    And again another doctor/person has suggested that I write a book about all of this.


    I have tried and tried and the aspergers/pdd wont let me get it out and get it done. I start, get distracted and then end up deleting my work.


    I could really use a writer (professional) to help me complete a book because I am not reaching as many people I would like to and people who need to know what I know to help make the quality of their lives better than it has ever been.


    Again, I repeat... it doesn't matter what I say is caused by the toxic chemical additives. What matters is that all the toxic chemical based additives are just that.... Toxic chemicals.


    Ultimately it's not about anything but the fact that the entire population of the world is totally and absolutely is allergic to all the additives and not one person is immune (unless they're already dead!)


    Toxic carcinogenic chemicals are in simplest terms totally incompatable with the human body. No one should eat this stuff and those that are responsible for this should be paying for the health care for every one in America.


    It's not too difficult to understand and to see that something is very wrong in this country and it's not religion, it's not a lack of religion it is the fact that I have to assume this part... that the 1, or 2% have an agenda to kill you and I.


    What else will happen?

    I really don't understand it because even the people who work for these corporations have no clue.


    How many people have been institutionalized, jailed, or even lobotomized, by some doctor who thought he was doing the right thing?


    Can you imagine the reality that everybody who has ever been instutionalized is a victim in all of this. that they were not mentally ill, that they were made to be that way by consuming these toxic poisons that we are all eating every day???


    Can you believe that Jeffrey Dahmer was not the monster that he appeared to be?
    It's true. Absolutely 100% true. This is the reality of what has been going on in America for the past 100, or world wide for 150+ years.


    And the worst part.... the people doig this to everyone don't know what they are and have been doing to even themselves and their own families and their children.


    Everybody complains about what we as humans have done to the planet, how about taking a look at what we have done to one another.


    This can be stopped. But who's going to step up and save the lives of every one in this country?


    Your doctor? You? Me/I?


    Even the President of the United States of American can't stop it. So who can do it?


    WE THE PEOPLE, In order to form a more perfect union, need to put our proverbial foot down and stop buying the toxic additive laden foods.
    Tell your friends, your family, your loved ones. If you see someone drinking a Mountain Dew, or asking for Mayonnaise on their sandwich.. speak up ad tell them why they should not have that on their food.
    Tell the corporations that we are NOT going to sit by and let this continue any longer.


    Do you care about your children? Dumb question huh?
    Do nothing and you will only harm yourself and your family.


    Jeffrey Dahmer isn't the only one, the jails and hospitals are full of people suffering from all of the many different things caused by the chemicals.


    Thank you for reading!

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