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    Avon Park, Florida
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    President Obama Climate Change and Highlands County

    President Obama Climate Change and Highlands County

    On Tuesday The National Climate Assessment with is 1,300 pages of documents complied by 300 leading scientist and experts, will be released. It is said that climate change in America is in clear and present danger and that nobody will go unaffected by this in all of America. President Obama stands by these documents and will make himself available to several meteorologist by doing eight interviews on Tuesday as well.

    Things like food prices are going to skyrocket in the near future, there is going to be more floods and more serious hurricanes and tornadoes which will be more extreme. Therefore the rate of insurance will go up as well and insurance companies are very powerful and is said to rule the world. Everything is going to become more extreme and as I said, places like Highlands County will eventually become beachfront property, while places like New York City may well have palm trees in 20 or 30 years and places like Miami and the West Coast of California will eventually go under water, as they are already doing so. But for some reason people think these trends are going to reverse or the major damages will not be in their lifetime.

    Therefore what I am bringing to the attention of the people of our community here in Avon Park, is that it is time to become active and do community work, to build us a better community, that will be self sufficient or be prepared for an hostile takeover, by the new pioneers of the 21st century. Real estate prices which are still declining here has to go up in Highlands County and in a big way, due to its value on the future world market and supply in demand will speak for itself.

    Many outsiders are now buying up these tax certificates when people fall behind on their taxes, because it is a very good and sound investment for the future economy down here. And the poor Avon Park residents here in Highlands County and the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park are like the Indians to the Europeans who just entered into the new world with the vision of a new world and great development and if we do not take part in this transition for rural area to urban area, we will be eliminated from the environment of people, whose purpose is about development and changes in the way business is done down here.

    When you deal with real estate people, the most important aspect of it is location and price. Like the owner of the L.A. Clippers (location), he bought the L.A. Clippers at $10 Million (price) and now they call themselves punishing this multi-billionaire by giving him another billion for a $10 Million investment. Not realizing that he is a real estate tycoon and if he sells that team, it is sign that is best that many other owners also consider an exit plan and selling to some black fool. While place like Detroit and Avon Park is being given away. The NBA will not forever increase in value, because it is just a game controlled by a small white click. When the day comes when the black ballplayers and former black ballplayers of the NBA can come together and be allowed to fire or force out an 80 year old white lawyer at that Donald Sterling from the NBA, because he doesn't want his girlfriend of color to hangout with black men and take pictures with them. I could have been jealousy and not racism at all?

    If this happens many of the owners may no longer see the benefit of ownership of a NBA franchise. I had to say this, because no code of ethics in the professional world can control who one fraternizes with. If he would have said, "pay them less for being black," or something of that nature, I would have been onboard. But he doesn't have to like black people or we them as equal in an employer and employee relationship or allow his girlfriend to hangout with them (blacks) or any other protected group for that matter and many black people do not like him, for no other reason but for him being rich, white and Jewish, which is the perfect combination to target poor black hatred towards as an excuse for our oppression and I would like to know what the real intent of all of this is? Anyway and back on the subject.

    Highlands County, Florida is geographically located in South-Central Florida at about 11 feet above sea level. Therefore when places like Tampa and Miami get hit with powerful hurricanes, we are often hit with merely a strong wind. Because of our location however many people with money tend to relocated seasonally, leaving here to go up North for the summer, because it really does get very hot down here during the summer months.

    Therefore, it is my prediction that a lot of major real estate investors are about to take a huge interest in Highlands County, Florida. Why? Because of its location and because it is basically undeveloped and underdeveloped. This means an opportunity for the people who are here now, because they will need people to do development work in this area and local labor is usually preferred if the workforce is capable of doing the job needed to be performed. This report will be a game changer and things are going to happen fast. And you can believe people will take this serious, because it comes with President Obama's endorsement, meaning a lot of government money will be used differently in the future as well.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones - President and CEO
    The National Community Network, INC.

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