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    Game of Thrones Is A Tale of Valor, War And Honor


    Game of Thrones is pursuing the intrigue, power games and fates in the fictional Kingdom of Westeros. Consisting of seven former kingdoms, Westeros in the North by a gigantic ice wall protected, while seas the Rest of the continent of neighbouring States and peoples to separate. Here begins the action in winter, the seat of the family of the Starks in the North of the Empire. Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark is the best friend of the king, Robert and prayers are with him in the capital of King's Landing to travel. Ned should the Post of the Hand of the king, so as a first advisers act. However, the circumstances of the death of his predecessor, Ned soon Worry.


    Main characters of the Game of Thrones


    Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark in the Game of Thrones by Sean Bean played. Ned is the head of the house Stark and ruler of winter in the North of Westeros. Together with his wife, Catelyn he has four children and also the Bastardsohn Jon Snow. Ned Stark supported, once Robert Barratheon in the Rebellion against the tyranny of Aerys, and is now as the Hand of the king in the intrigues of the court again.


    Jon Snow is the Bastardsohn of Ned Stark, and it is growing almost on an equal footing in addition to his Stiefgeschwistern. As his father, after King's Landing, decides to Jon, the guards at the Eismauer in the North of Westeros to join. Kit Harington embodies Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones.


    Tyrion Lannister, short son of Lord Tywin Lannister and brother of the Queen leads the shadows next to his brothers and sisters. Behind his wit and his hedonistic kind hides Tyrion, however, a brilliant strategic spirit of it in the course of the Game of Thrones from some of crisis rescues. Tyrion Lannister is represented by Peter Dinklage.


    Daenerys Targaryen, the daughter of the murdered king Aerys, fled in childhood from Westeros, and now lives with her brother Viserys in exile. Since this is the crown of his father to recapture want, Daenerys the Horses Prince Khal Drogo marry. In the role of the Daenerys slips Emilia Clarke.


    Robert Barratheon, owner of the king’s throne in King's Landing, rules Westeros. Once rebelled, he and his friend Ned Stark against the mad king Aerys. To consolidating his Power married Robert Cersei Lannister and now leads to the chagrin of his wife, a dissolute life. In the Game of Thrones is Robert Barratheon by Mark Addy played.


    Background information on the Game of Thrones


    Game Of Thrones is based on the ‘song of ice and fire’, a series of Fantasy author George R.R. Martin. HBO plans, each book is a season to devote so that season 2 from the contents of the second book, ‘A Clash of Kings’ food. The adaptation of the templates is in the hands of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. David Benioff published previously novels and recorded for the screenplays of Troy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine responsible. He himself describes the series Game of Thrones as ‘The Sopranos in middle-earth’. For the Director single Game of Thrones-to be able to follow HBO, among other things, Neil Marshall (The Descent - Abgrund des Grauens) will win. The first season of the Fantasy series was launched in the spring of 2011, with a huge ratings success, and includes ten episodes. At the Emmys in the same year, Peter Dinklage for his role in the Tyrion Lannister with an Emmy for best supporting actor award.

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