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    Posted May 9, 2014 by
    Punjab, Pakistan

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    (Regions threatened by Religions) Terrorism in the Name of Religion and Media

    Nigeria: Terrorists Murder At Least 300 Christians in Latest Attack
    Where is now our media when Christians are murdered by terrorists orgnisation “BOKO Haram”
    As many as 300 people died in a Nigerian border town on Wednesday in what officials described as an large and vicious attack by. Borno’s state information commissioner Mohammed Bulama gave more details on the attack to the AP, which took place overnight in town of Gamboru Ngala. Homes and shops were set on fire, Bulama said, adding that “many, many” were presumed dead.

    Nigeria’s Daily Post, citing Nigerian Senator Ahmed Zannah, said that the attack lasted for over 12 hours. Insurgents, widely believed to be part of Boko Haram,( Islamist militants )drove into the town on trucks and opened fire on crowds of people. Then, they razed the town itself. Zannah said that “The attackers stormed the communities in the night when residents were still sleeping, setting ablaze houses and shooting residents who tried to escape from the fire.”
    Zannah added that the attack came about an hour after security forces stationed there moved away from the town to look into possible sightings of the Boko Haram insurgents who kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls weeks ago.

    Over 1,500 people have died so far in Boko Haram attacks since the start of this year, the AP reported. The extremist group wants to remove what they believe are “western” institutions from the country (for example, education), and impose their laws, even though roughly half of Nigeria’s population is Christian. Yesterday, the U.S. announced that it would assist Nigeria in its unsuccessful search for the kidnapped school girls, whom Boko Haram has threatened to sell into forced marriage and slavery.
    4 June 2012 Buddhist residents in western Burma have killed at least nine Muslims as sectarian tension worsens in the region, police say.
    Reports say a crowd attacked a bus in Rakhine province after blaming some of the passengers for the gang rape and murder of a Buddhist woman.
    After this incident Tensions between Buddhist and Muslim ethnic groups flared into violent clashes in Meiktila on March 20 and continued until the 22nd, killing at least 40 and wounding 61 people. The violence started on March 20 after a Muslim gold shop owner, his wife, and two Muslim employees allegedly assaulted a Buddhist customer and her husband in an argument over a golden hairpin. The situation further escalated when a local Buddhist monk was dragged from his bicycle, doused in petrol, and burnt alive by six Muslim youths at a nearby mosque.(Wikipedia )
    On the 25th of March, communal rioting targeting Muslim houses and mosques spread to the towns of Othekone, Tatkone and Yamenthin. At least 9,000 residents were documented to have been displaced by the violence. In April, the BBC provided a video showing police officers standing by while rioters torched houses and businesses in Meiktila. The video also shows the brutal burning and killing of at least two Muslim students by the hands of the rioters, which included Buddhist monks.
    On the 21st of May, seven Muslims, including the gold shop owner and those who perpetrated the murder of the monk, were convicted for inciting the unrest and jailed from 2 up to 28 years. In July, the Burmese courts sentenced 25 Buddhists to up to 15 years in prison for murder and other crimes during riot. That was the success of media & JIR. But it’s very rear in other riots courts and media not seemed quick and fair unfortunately.
    On Other hand in Bangladesh,The plea follows the burning down of 24 Buddhist and Hindu temples in Bangladesh’s Chittagong division allegedly by Islamic radical groups apparently in retaliation to the drive against Muslim Rohingiyas in Myanmar.BBC
    “When we received the last report on September 30 midnight, fanatics had burnt down 22 Buddhist and two Hindu temples besides torching 100 houses belonging to Buddhist minorities across Chittagong division,” Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) director Suhas Chakma said from New Delhi.
    Over 500 year old ISKON (Sreebas Pandit's) temple was attacked in the broad day light on April 2, 2011 and sacred Hindu scriptures, including Bhagwat Geeta were burned by Islamists in the Sylhet District of Bangladesh. However, this horrendous news was completely blacked out by national media in Bangladesh and India.
    As response of Facebook Post, Mob of 3,000 Violent Muslims Attacked on Hindu’s Homes and Temple in Bangladesh. A mob of nearly 3,000 attacked Hindu households and a temple in eastern Bangladesh after two youths from the community allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)on Facebook. which is condemnable

    “We so far arrested 17 people and some of them made confessional statements regarding the attack. A manhunt is underway to arrest the rest of the culprits,” police chief of Homna Aslam Shikdar told to journalists on phon. But only few had published and broadcasted

    He said suspected mastermind of the attack Nazrul Islam is still on the run. The local police chief said steps were underway to put the accused on trial on charges of attacking the Hindu households and the temple under a planned manner.

    “The attack continued for some 20 minutes but during the time, the culprits preferred not to injure anyone…our initial investigation found it was a pre-planned attack as they used loudspeakers and distributed leaflets to mobiles the attack,” Shikdar said.

    People at the neighbourhood said nearly 3,000 attackers, mostly from outside the locality, staged the attack as the village elders were set to hold a meeting to resolve the issue of the alleged defamation of the prophet.

    Shikdar said police immediately rushed to the scene but reached the remote village only when the attackers had fled. Local and international media didn’t take it as a biggest coming issue in future but it will be.
    Israelis and terrorism, In India’s Number less terrorist riots & Pakistan’s 32 attacks on different minorities in next article (Regions threatened by Religions Part2) is available
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