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    Posted May 9, 2014 by

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    How to get more views for your CNN iReport videos, articles, and photos


    If there’s one thing that writers who contribute to CNN’s iReport module generally seek after it is this: more views, more comments and more social shares. (In a good way, that is.)


    Well, how can you attempt to pull your CNN iReport out of the obscurity that can represent approximately 500 articles received for publication to the module each day? Here are a few tips that might do the trick:


    Crush it with a boss video that's interesting to viewers


    Whether it’s a simple video taken at the right time to capture something spectacular with your smartphone, or footage that you’ve toiled for hours over and hired professional video editors to create for you, the main lesson to keep in mind is to make sure it is a video that’s worth viewing.


    Exploring the most-viewed iReports in the last 24 hours can help us glean what’s been happening recently along with tips for what readers are seeking in video content and photographic content as well.


    Publish more frequently to learn what works and what readers like


    As a writer, it helped me to begin publishing more iReport articles to get a feel for the types of stories that get more views than others. Also, becoming a prolific iReport contributor also gives you insight and sheds light upon the types of stories that the editors will reject and remove from the website.


    Upon signing up for and publishing articles to the iReport module, you can check out your own “most viewed” stories by viewing your profile as the public views it, then scrolling to the bottom to discover your most popular pieces.


    If you need inspiration, you can check out the iReport assignment module for ideas.


    Use all the tools that CNN provides, like mobile uploads – and up your reporting to the next level


    It helps to know basic facts about iReport, like their requirement that every article have a photo or video attached. Also, it’s beneficial to use all the tools they provide to help us help them (I couldn’t resist that Jerry Maguire reference) create quality content.


    One of those tools is the “mobile upload” feature found under “My Stuff” when you click your username in the top right-hand corner. It lets us submit our photos and videos for iReport stories directly from mobile devices via customized e-mail addresses specific to us, with a custom PIN that we can set within the module.


    The mobile uploads are one more way to create news on the go, citizen journalists that we all represent these days.


    Finally, if you’re really serious about trying to bring more readership to your articles, it would behoove you to check out the articles that have been upgraded from “not vetted by CNN” to “Approved for CNN” using the following Google search term placed in the search engine exactly as such -- "approved for cnn" site:ireport.cnn.com – to uncover what it is about those reports that made an even greater impact on the CNN editors.

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