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    Rev. Paul Rebukes Posse Against NBA Franchise Owner

    Rev. Paul Rebukes Posse Against NBA Franchise Owner

    When Minister Louis Farrakhan tried to reach out to black millionaires and entertainers to start the rebuilding process Detroit, which we could now buy into dirt cheep, he got no attention from them or the media. Meanwhile cities all over America are going bankrupt and the Untied States Government stands behind the National Climate Assessment findings that will be released on Tuesday, for us all to find out we are about to be faced with climate changes that will completely change our economy, real estate landscape and food supplies.

    Anyone who is a serious investor either knows the findings already as an insider or will wait to plan their future agenda in order to survive these changes economically. The key has always been real estate and it will become even more relevant as a result of these findings. And everyone already knows California was one of the hardest to be hit by real estate foreclosures. The California economy has been hit hard and whole cities are going bankrupt there that are not far for Los Angeles, California. But we want to give this evil white, Jewish billionaire as we put it for the rights of his social club in the form of an NBA franchise. And enter into bylaws that will allow these same people to force him to sell his property to you and he is one of them. So what are your future prospects and security in this investment? Do you really think you will be an equal owner in this click? What will stop them from making you sell you franchise later or they selling theirs and leaving you with nothing but an old illusion that no longer has luster and an empty arena needing repairs? The NBA will not continue to grow forever, if for no other reason than scientific developments such as steroids.

    I honestly feel that the NBA and other professional sport leagues like baseball and football has about reached their peak. When I was a child we saw sports as a way out of our oppressive situation as means to grow without focusing on education. And for many generations sports has taken the academic focus away from many of our youth, whereby only a few made it to the pros but too many are now grown and unemployable, due the lack of education that ignored to watch their hero play a meaningless game.

    Entertainment as a whole has always been the way out of oppression for poor black, but only a few are allowed to enter in to this world of, prestige and too often once in there they sell their souls, to something someone else built on their backs. They become loyal to something their masters only created as a scheme to make a profit and control masses. But what we fail to recognize is that everything we engage in must have an exit plan as does everything any wise investor does. Nothing is forever and the days of professional sports and even movies and music are fading into another way of doing business.

    Technology such as computer generated movies in 3D on personal computers, using software to create screenplays that become interactive, will make going to the movies obsolete or not as important for many. I already have a program called "Movie Magic Screenwriter," which plays back my screens in several assigned voices, so what more will it take to create a visual program that integrate with screenplay programs in 10 or 20 years? Why go to the movies when you can see your own screenplay in animation 3D, right on you desktop?

    Steroids are already widespread to the point that rules of these leagues have to be changed to prevent these superhuman creations from killing off each other. With the research on DNA technology in its advance stages, we will be able to take a baby born to have type 2 diabetes and turn her into the next Michael Jordan and yes I said her, in 10 to 20 years. So what will be the value of professional athletes in just 10 or 20 years, when all it will take is an injection and less practice in the craft?

    What I see is black slaves who have been emancipated, who now want to come back and buy the slave master's farm, not realizing that they are the product, which is cheap labor, by paying a few enormously high salaries, he was able to oppress a whole nation of people for many generations, by creating unrealistic dreams of future successes based on crazy odds and only if we outdo all of our neighbors will we succeed. So we were assigned to fight each other from day one, starting with competitive sports, we seemed to have taken to serious as means of survival. And a photo of Oprah or Michael Jordan sealed the dream, at least for that day and tomorrow the process is always repeated.

    The problem is however an oxymoron. How can Donald Sterling be a determent to the NBA game and it is his game? What has happened is now we all now see the reality of what is going on in the NBA circle of ownership. My problem is that are black youths committed themselves to a way out of our community only to forsaken us when they made it big, when they got out of our community. Now they want to give everything back to the slave master and take his place of arrogance at the front seat of the arena. We want to sit in the front seats of basketball games now and be able to say these are my race horses, which was all you were for a good wage and now you are mad because Donald Sterling made it public. It wrong for us as a community of people to come together with $1B to give it to a white, Jewish, multibillionaire as punishment for talking too much. And if this is what the people who we gave custody to hold our money, being everything belongs to the Lord, plans to do with it, on our day we will say we do not know you.

    You are for us or against us!

    An example of a wise investment already made:

    McDonald's Average Annual Revenue: $2.3M in 2009 with an average net profit of $96,000 = $100,000 per store income. This based on getting business loan and not buying the franchises with cast money.

    Total Investment: $1M - $2M or about $1.5M each

    Total Restaurants in the United States = 12,739

    One Billion divided by 1.5 Million = 666 Restaurants or half of all of the McDonald Franchises in the United States. And each restaurant needs about 50 people to operate, meaning $1B or the price of the L.A. Clippers, could create at least 33,300 jobs nationwide.

    Therefore a 1$ billion loan to invest solely in McDonald restaurant franchises would bring in about 666 restaurants x $100G profit per store = $66,600,000 per year. Just for being able to acquire the loan and purchase the businesses.

    If we can buy 666 McDonald's Franchises for $1B, we should be asking how many restaurants can we open in black communities nationwide for that amount, while creating a system of distribution to these restaurants, which goes all the way back to the farms and packaging plants. At investments averaging $250G, we could open over 2,000 - 3,000 restaurants and also develop a system of distribution we control from the trucks to the farm land in Highlands County, Florida. But we want to be seen in Los Angeles in the front seat of a basketball game. So I am really asking who do these people serve that is going up against Donald Sterling, trying to force him to sell this bullshit asset without any real future returns to rich black folks?

    My argument is why can we as black people come together to buy a damn basketball team at its peak value and will only lose value and fast at $1 Billion and cannot simply use our own vision and build something from scratch with our minds and vision and not always get on the coattails of whites. Why can't we design something and grow it from the beginning? Why after 100's of years white folks ate our cooking, can we not start our own fast food restaurant franchise nationwide? When we know we have the best recipes, why cannot we take control of our communities that are so valuable if only we cultivate it?

    Rev. Paul
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