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    Posted May 10, 2014 by
    Minnesota, Minnesota
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    Another Saturday Night Poet




    Hidden Curriculum


    Problematic, nasty habit


    Had ’em pushing panic button


    Speakin’ two languages, code switchin’


    sociogenic morphosis written in the DNA


    Reading and proofing hidden curriculum


    Just 2 manipulate ‘em


    paying back in innocent humor


    cause rumor has it


    It racked up dept collection


    I reckon coming to terms


    Consumed by the constant burn


    learning fast track mathematical calculations


    erasin’ races by colored faces


    pacing to relieve stress


    A test of time


    A sublime notion




    ‘cause it’s a burn


    but turned 2 evolve


    called all notions at intuition


    conviction gives insight 2 regurgitated




    learned a new trade




    no other way to get paid


    It’s a survival game


    blame the foundation


    Electrical tasin’




    ‘Cause they didn’t want vision to be clear


    banked on fear


    but been near death for ages


    Staging the scene


    Running every scenario


    ‘cause preparation is life


    Brought up 2 be that type


    A thorn in the side


    Riding natural insight


    It’s right for the pickin’


    It’ sickening


    hoping 4 the worse


    got folks thinkin’ they’re




    but it’s perpetuated on purpose


    Service with a smile


    screaming at the top of my lungs


    ‘cause they’re all in denial


    even piled criminal files


    out in the open


    the preferred style


    like being back hand slapped


    so must’ve deserved it


    a convict by nature


    it’s expected


    the one in 4 or 5


    tongue tied


    reality sets


    meeting the challenge head on


    ‘cause wrong is wrong


    but twisted it so I looked crazy


    and maybe I am


    it’s that 2nd guessing




    such things


    Even wrote the manifesto


    written in spoken word


    It’s needed documentation


    Raiding homes


    Tapping phones


    Flying drones


    ‘cause they’re watchin’


    Switching the agenda


    pushing 4 surrender


    posting body shots to make one tender


    example in


    Forced gender roles


    School codes


    Poverty knows


    Death tolls rose


    but check demographics


    democratic my ass


    A created caste system


    Yet still listening to propaganda


    it ran the whole mission


    Enslaved by commission


    Just fighting for remission


    But these folks won’t even listen




    Cause they’re watchin’


    Just to manipulate ‘em



    (c) Aztec






    Poetry was the only occupation worthy of an Aztec warrior in times of peace.


    Spoken word artist, experimental theater actor, workshop facilitator, and enlightened individual with bard tendencies.


    Crystal “Azteca” Ruiz’s artistic resume extends beyond her work in Denver.


    Where she has performed at venues such as Brother Jeff’s Cultural Café and Mercury Café in addition to a performance at the Metropolitan State College.


    Azteca has slowly ventured off into the Minneapolis spoken word scene where she has worked with organizations such as MNSWA,


    Sai Werd Ink, and TruArtSpeaks.


    In 2009, she played a key role in the Hip-Hop Theater Production “Eliminating Oppression One Ink Shell at a Time”. In 2012 she released her first CD titled “Ladies First” collaborating with local spoken word artists and musicians.


    Her words and thoughts are hard-hitting, honest, and exude depth.


    A proud Denver native, she currently resides in South Minneapolis.


    You can currently find Azteca every first Monday of the month hosting the Freedom of Xpression open mic at the historic Capri Theatre in North Minneapolis.


    cSoldier4Jah Trademark

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