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    All quiet on the Leftist Front

    In recent weeks and months the silence of the Obama supporters has been deafening around these Ireports.

    Long gone are the days of the endless worship and adoration of this Hope and Change President.

    Over 70% of the American people are saying our country is headed in the wrong direction and Obama's poll numbers are reflecting the disillusionment of the American people.

    When an Ireport comes out criticizing this President's actions there are very few coming to his defense and even more ignoring the Ireport all together.

    For those of you who voted Obama the first time, I can say I understood your wanting change.

    For those of you who voted Obama a second time after seeing his first term performance I have to say:

    What were you thinking?

    The slogan anyone but Bush has sure backfired on the American people in a big way and after enduring the eight years of Bush Bashing and seeing five and a half years of Obama's failures.....

    I have to ask those Obama supporters one simple question:

    Why are you so silent today?
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