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    Posted May 11, 2014 by

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    Porn Stars and China's left over Women


    Porn Stars and China's left over Women (a lesson in morality and conservatism bought to you by Chase and China).1.     More than 5 years after the GFC, confidence in the banking sector is not returning. Billions of dollars of fines, even criminal convictions are still happening through the world - constant reminders of what the banking sector was like. Sorry! Should that read is like? 2.     The Anglo-Irish case against 3 of its former directors is one of those reminders. Giving loans that were “spectacularly not in the ordinary course of business”. Luckily the directors were found guilty but not imprisoned. I suppose this is sending a message! Some message! At least Iceland locks them up! 3.     Why didn’t KPMG, the special liquidator of Irish Nationwide Building Society, sue itself for advice it gave before the collapse? Yes – this question is actually being asked! 4.     Still there are dramatic signs the banking sector has become more moral. Incredibly moral. Ridiculously moral. Chase Bank has just closed hundreds of accounts of people “acting” in the sex industry. I guess the bank figures that screwing a few people for pleasure is worse than the banking sector raping thousands – well not Chase Bank anyway. So I wonder if this applied to any of the 6 female characters who have appeared in Game of Thrones who were current or past porn stars? 5.     Old style mens’ magazines are having trouble getting it up – numbers of subscribers I mean! Like “Girls Gone Wild” it looks like it’s going out of business. 6.     Student loans are still stifling the future of the young – some students will still be repaying their debts when they are in their 50s. 7.     What if you divorce does your ex acquire half of your student loan? That would be sweet. 8.     A young lady who wants to join the Dominican Sisters of St Cecelia isn’t allowed in until she pays off what is owed on her student loan debt – over 50 is awfully old to be a novice isn’t it? 9.     Why is the cupcake industry like a bad soufflé? – it’s collapsed! 10.     China’s feminist agency (like Humpty Dumpty words in China mean exactly what the government intends them to mean), the All-China Women’s Federation warned about being a “left-over” woman – over 25 and not married – imagine such a thing!

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