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    Posted May 10, 2014 by
    jackson, Kentucky

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    The Zodiac Killer 340 cipher solved using overlays?

    Zodiac 340 cipher was what everyone called his masterpiece. Every known cipher technique has been applied to try to solve the 340 cipher with no concrete results. By the process of elimination alone this leaves one technique that no one ever thought of. Overlays. In my main article I explain all the clues he left us telling us it was an overlay code. The pictures above show you how it works and a message that he left for us to find. Some may think the message rather simple in nature , but is it ? You have to realize the 340 cipher has more than one use. Aside from being a code itself it is also a key meant to be used with the Phillips 66 map. More on this can be found in the main article . Also i will post another article explaining this a little later. The Zodiac sent two different schematics explaining how to build a bomb. We call these "The bus bomb schematics". When you make an overlay code you have to have an overlay key. I learned about these in elementary school. The key is usually in a picture that has been disguised as something else. You cut out he boxes on the picture and lay then over your code to reveal a message. These bus bomb keys also have multiple uses. In this article we will be using the second bus bomb schematic. First cut out the boxes in the bus bomb schematic. Then take out the 340 cipher and draw boxes around the six dots revealing a cluster of dice hidden in the cipher. On the bus bomb schematic you will notice something that looks like a golf flag inside a putting green. This is a huge clue and more will be revealed about it at a later time. On a golf course you put the flag in the hole to help guide us. The same thing applies to the 340 cipher. The golf flag goes on the dots to guide us to the secret message. When you divide the 340 cipher into 4 quadrants you will notice they are numbered by the dice in the order of 0,1,2,3. This also gives us the order of the secret message in the 340. Put the flag on the first dice in the 1 quadrant and rotate until you see words. These words are not obvious at first because that is the true nature if a hidden message. The pictures above illustrate how to do this. The message reads. I took her, love zodiac jf. I will also do an article later on the jkf pattern and show you that you can find these initials in every single letter and code sent by the Zodiac. There is another overlay for the 340 cipher somewhere that i haven't found yet, but I guarantee it is there. More article will follow on the other discoveries later or you can read the full article through the link below. There is a lot more information which is not in the article that can not release at this time.





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