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    16 Days to Children?s Day: Celebrating without Chibok girls?


    Every country in the world knows quite well that children are

    the future and does everything possible to safeguard that

    future by giving the children adequate care and respect their


    Nigeria is a good country with good people. I have never

    seen anything that unites the country apart from football

    and our children. Protests and rallies from every part of the

    country over the kidnapped Chibok girls attest to this.

    If Nigerians who do not carrying arms and are not the

    Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces are protesting

    every day and some are even ready to go to the so-called

    Sambisa forest, what then are our armed forces doing? Has

    Nigeria become the ?Giant of Africa? in name only? Frankly

    speaking, our President did say the truth on television that

    the country is not well positioned to combat terrorists

    because we have never faced this kind of problem before.

    Do we say he is just unfortunate that this thing is happening

    during his tenure? We know we are in this situation because

    past leaders failed to prepare the armed forces for this


    Nevertheless, Boko Haram has been in full operation since

    the inception of the president. If he had taken adequate

    action by equipping our forces and seek help from outside

    the country, the story possibly would have changed. How

    many people have lost their lives apart from children? What

    has happened to the defence allocation in the budget? Why

    is government so indifferent to the safety of its citizens?

    Now that the Boko Haram leader has declared that they

    have sold these children to different countries and Nigerians

    are asking the president to bring them back, is it not high

    time everybody works together with the international

    community that wents to help rather than dancing back to

    negotiate with Abubakar Shekau like northern elders want

    to do now. What do we as a nation want to celebrate in the

    history of Nigeria on May 27, the Children Day?

    Students and teachers share their views on the Chibok girls?


    By Anino Aganbi

    Government should plead with the abductors

    I would like to appeal to government that they should do

    more on the rescue of the girls. The news we hear every

    day on this incident is disheartening. Government needs to

    find the people behind this and plead with them to release

    the girls. My prayer is that God will not allow something

    like the abduction happen again. We sympathise with the

    parents of those involved on what they are going through

    and we pray that such occurrence will not happen again ?

    Mrs. Adedipe (Teacher)

    We pray for divine intervention

    I feel very sad about the Chibok girls. I implore government

    to put in more effort to rescue the girls. As a nation, we can

    only pray for divine protection - Mrs. Adegbenro (Teacher)

    Govt can organize traditionalists to tackle the insurgents

    I think the president needs to find out what the insurgents

    really want and find a lasting solution to it. Government at

    all levels should beef up security. What happened to the

    Chibok girls should not be allowed to occur again.

    Government can organize traditionalists so they can use

    their charms to counter the insurgents since arms do not

    seem to be working - Micheal Adedipe

    The abductors are after the president

    I think the president has a lot to do so that these girls can

    be free. The people who have taken the girls probably do

    not want President Jonathan to remain in office; so they are

    doing everything to make his tenure difficult ? Daramola


    Attacked communities should work with government

    It is uncalled for that such a thing as abducting girls from

    schools should be happening in a nation that is the ?Giant of

    Africa?. It hurts that a country like this has not been able to

    find a lasting solution since the girls were taken. The

    security threat did not begin over night. It has been building

    up over time but government ignored it hoping the problem

    would go away. The Federal Government needs to find a

    lasting solution to this issue aside the CCTV cameras that

    were mounted. I want to believe that if the attacked

    communities can work with government since they know

    the terrain better, something positive can come up ?

    Kolawole Momoh (Principal)

    Military should put in more efforts

    I feel the military people should put in more efforts to bring

    the Chibok girls back. The parents of these girls cannot be

    happy about what has happened. The president needs to

    employ more security officers to safe guard our schools and

    the lives of children.- Gloria Anyatowun

    Government should tighten security

    It is painful that our leaders have not been able to do

    anything since the girls were abducted. There is no mother

    who is happy about what is happening especially when you

    think about the pains and stress you passed through during

    delivery and nurturing the child and the child is kidnapped.

    My prayer is that God would lead us on what to do. The

    president should lead the efforts to rescue the girls and

    tighten security across the country. We cannot continue to

    live in fear for our lives and those of our children.

    - Miss Adeola Okunola (Head Teacher).

    We should be more security conscious

    I believe schools should have good security in place so that

    students can be safe. Parents and teachers also need to be

    more security conscious. The Chibok girls should be

    released. The president should also tighten security at our

    borders to deter terrorists - Ibrahim Adeleye


    Posted By Geoffrey Oguguo

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