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    Posted May 10, 2014 by
    jackson, Kentucky

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    The Zodiac Killer map code solved?

    In this article we will talk about how the phillips 66 map and the Zodiac 340 code are coupled together or "overlayed" onto each other to reveal locations on the map. When the Zodiac sent the map he sent a code along with it and told us that the map coupled with that code will tell us where he set the bomb. This is misleading and a clue at the same time. If you take the first bus bomb schematic as discussed in previous articles and line the golf flag up with the compass on the map it will reveal where a string of bus bombs were supposed to be buried. I posted a picture in another article to demonstrate this. The next part is a little more complicated. Not only can messages be found in the Zodiac 340 cipher when you draw the dice around the six dots in the code and use the second bus bomb schematic as an overlay, but also when you align one of these dice with the compass around Mt. Diablo you can reveal locations on the map. First lets talk about the radians. The Zodiac said the map code concerned radians. When you divide the 340 cipher into four quadrants you see that the quadrants are numbered in the order of 0,1,2,3. This gives us the order for the secret message as discussed in a previous article. Now you can draw a line through the center of each dice through the dots. Now you take a compass and put it in the center of the 340 cipher. Start from each dot and make a complete circle. You will notice six concentric circles. Here are our radians he told us we would find. Now overlay the 340 on the map. You will see the radians super imposed onto the map. Now we have locations and radians. Now you take the first bus bomb schematic the Zodiac sent and you will see five dots on it. Poke out those dots. You will see a circle on the bus bomb schematic with a line and an arrow on it.This is supposed to be a timer , but the way overlays work is that you disguise the overlay as something else. Now overlay the bus bomb schematic over the first two previous overlays and align the line inside the circle with the line running to the dice in the 1 quadrant on the 340. Now mark your positions on the map through the five holes. Now you have revealed five locations running through Vallejo and Lake Herman road. We already know he killed people on Lake Herman Road. It is my belief that these overlays have more hidden uses. The pictures posted above illustrate all of this. The next article will be "The JKF Pattern".
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