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    Short sighted Radical Islam

    I have to admit I know very little about the Islamic religion. It seems to me that harm and negative acts shouldn't be something that would be included in any loving religion. So I have to emphasize 'Radical' because that is something we all see regularly. I am sure there has to be loving caring Muslims, but I can't understand that a group so large isn't more outraged and taking action against those radicals who shame the religion. Mind boggling.
    I also think that radical Muslim groups do not have the intelligence to think past the minutes they speak. They want people to live in the 5th century because lower level intelligence brutes could easily manage and enslave large numbers of people. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, they lived in air conditioned compounds with all the luxuries of today and even drove around in a Lexus SUV. All the while expecting all the others to live like ignorant peasants and rule with fear of god. The hypocrisy abounds while they wear glasses on their face, make videos, use computer and cell phones, make electronic bombs and drive cars - all Western inventions. Nearly all that surrounds them like the guns they hold and the clothes they sometimes wear are all Western and yet they have this odd idea they are living the 5th century life themselves.
    My guess is that those Boko Harem girls are already being sold off because it takes a lot to feed a couple hundred people and keep them hidden. Ultimately, I think they are using religion as an excuse to make a living. Isn't that what all radicals do?
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