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    Posted May 12, 2014 by
    kabul, Afghanistan

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    ***Don’t do anything that you well sorry for???**

    ***Don’t do anything that you well sorry for???**

    Today I find a word from person who spend has life when he was 18 Years as a Freedom Fighter it support freedom Fighters at Afghanistan to bring pace

    He said don’t do anything that you well sorry for???

    I try to find out what realty of these words : From 2003 up to date every day we have victim and we are losing our sisters and brothers at freedom fight but the people who are killing civilians people and killed Freedom soldiers they should think about This Word .
    God send human to build this world but what humans are doing killing each other by the name Islam and Jihad and at the end there sorry for that Crime which they did.
    Fighter Killing humans and at pray they say forgive to god, they think that god well accept it but why we are doing something not good to say forgive or sorry. They don’t know that god well accept any forgive but god well never forgive human blood.
    1991 more than 50000 civilians’ people killed at Kabul and more than 400000 killed at all over Afghanistan from some people but today they say apologize for that home to home fighting.
    Taliban by the support of ISI Pakistan every day killing civilians people and if they have more civilian casualty on there are attacks they said we didn’t did that attack and they are deny . It means Sorry
    We come back above words .
    Every day every second Afghanistan is people and international Forces Surfing bad times and they losing they are live at freedom.
    At fight of intelligent services who are supporting these Fighters at Afghanistan to fight against Afghanistan people and international once they can’t save they are home and country from fighters but they try burn other countries.
    ISI Pakistan Support Fighters to destroy Afghanistan But today Pakistan one the victim of these Fighters and now they’re doing peace agreement. It mean sorry
    At each year Pakistan ISI crate a New Fighter Group to Get the international contracts by the name of fighting against Terrorist , on 2013 ISI Pakistan give more power to some Terrorist Group and they become on page .
    But ISI should know that Know one day they these Group will eat Pakistan people. And they don’t chance to say sorry
    As Far the reports come from Border when the attacker killed at Afghanistan they are family doing carry for them and they call Shad and they getting sad on Afghanistan national army and international forces but they should understand above once .

    When these sorry words will be over?
    When the forgive Words will be over?

    One of the 59 Years old women on 2009 at wordak Province of Afghanistan as me this question
    People of Afghanistan Surfing Bad situation because of security and pace is not happening but what they can do?
    When I was at logar Province on Feb-24 -2010 I ask this Question from person before he was the Commander and gun supplier of fighter at RC east and he join peace Process at Logar on 2010 ?
    He Answer me: Afghanistan neighbor Countries Intelligent service try to get the Control of Afghanistan and they are using our Youths against our country and they killing civilians people. We should not give chance to any person to bring home to home at Afghanistan and youths should join that valance group.
    I ask him why you join before and why you’re worked with them?
    He said I am sorry for that I was uneducated now know we were not right.

    It is good so say forgive or sorry but if you get the time and life of human so you don’t have chance to say sorry or forgive .

    Write by Naweed Yousufi
    Freelance Journalist 1355
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