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    Posted May 12, 2014 by
    ARNHEM, Netherlands
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    Fall of the Berlin Wall

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    The second Cold War

    When Netherlands was liberated in May '45, a second Front erupted through a Dimension door. Signing the Capitulation my Dad was made to witness were the Unholy Trinity Arnhem, they were left and lost without Hitler. It also meant that my Mom and Dad were briefed about the second coming. It took almost a year, brainwashing techniques covered it up as the briefing was abruptly ended on March 15 1946, when my eldest Sister was born and Great Silence began. I am one of 5 and one of 3 and I am 1 of only 1. Creation is but 5 times old and The New beginning is lost. I have to appeal to you all to pray for us here in Arnhem as the Mouth of Hell opened up 2 years ago and I am fit into a profile, that makes me administratively a dead person. Netherlands has stripped all of the people of their Human Rights and thinks it is doing what European Union told them to do. But the change is already here and Anderson Cooper showed us a picture taken in a street in my city. The deformity of a degenerated person.
    Bohemian Grove will ignite the destruction of Earth. God is fear-lull, well so am I. To exorcise the people I need my legs and that is exactly the problem. Because of the mental toxins I have been given under Court Orders of a Court already stricken from the program in 2009. They continued without the support of troubleshooter, who I am in real life. It all deteriorated faster than I have been able to track from the distance and I must explain. Arnhem has always harbored Evil as 1000 ago it came and never left. Then in 1555 it flared up . The Pest Epidemic was an agent they took down the timeline with them., the people of EO. 2012 I discovered they had accessed Technology in the Arts Collection of Eric's Legacy. I didn't think much of it only that they are too cruel. Their artificial Planet Iced over and the youngsters perrished. EO simply terminated the Program. Arnhem is the main administration of Slave TRADE and tracks are solid, that the Nigerian girls abducted are already in Amsterdam when I find out today about the 5 mile radius. All my work behind the scenes of the Whitehouse will stop immediately. I have had it with World Leaders and specially Mr. Obama. His speeches do not sooth me anymore and I see things about him in the footage. Wrote him a note, saying it. All for One never came. The Worlds Leaders are just a gang of Evil worhsipping power hungry madman. I am the one who ends those Powers and that's not after their liking. This Planet is mine to do as I please and I gave it to the people hoping I would have a life too, but that also never came. Being without Human rights in Netherlands makes everything impossible. Thanks CNN for the 8 years of leading me on, you deserve everything yo get with Time Warner. I am bigger and born for Good, only Time Warner is bankrupt and the administration is a cover up. That you are still in the air is because Netherlands political network needs CNN to keep people on the wrong track and your journalists comply to a script or scenario that has to maintain the status quo.
    How will you manage that? You will not. I see the difficult the decoder has picking up your signal and that deteriorates really fast. Sometimes it takes up to 10 secs. before I have a TV image at all. The Dutch are simply astonished that their plan for Supremacy of the Slave trading WIC who's headquarters always was Arnhem and all humanity is their property Black or White makes no difference there even though the Dutch are too rascist even to write home about.. Here I am sanctified by the Pope. I am alive, it feels more dead than I have been feeling in a long time.
    There is nothing I can do to stop hell from opening up and the Tide is Higher than expected and I don't know it all anymore. Never any support. Cold War and the cold shoulder form the same people I kept in Office because I did not want to cross out their structural positions. Draghi, Baroso, Merkel, Rutte, They all have undertaken a Pact with Evil for Power, that must be the answer and I know Good is lost forever and than it is better to blow up this Plane, which will happen on July 15, after on May 31 The door will be opened up by them as it was in their plan. I might die, there are three thing, Hanging from the Tower means I am to deterr the people. Somedy sucks out my Brain with a straw, they want to ad my powers to their own. and number 3 is more likely. My brain will become severed from my body to be planted on a machine to serve Evil and to be immortal according to the psychiatrist who is a gnome.The background of the inner city stinks something awful. The smell of human flesh on the barbecue is already here since Queens day 2008. Nowhere to turn, no support, I am being thrown out of the Inner city's café's and clubs one after the other. I did my rounds on Saturday nights to observe and look for signs of Hope. There are not any. and the Good cause is lost. Did not act when I begged for it at the white house and he must have thought.... This is going better than expected. But how could they keep the picture whole? Maybe I believed too much or expected Freedom. It may be not Obama's fault, but as it stands with the 8 years lost of My Time already, those 2 years I have left I do not want. The pain of seeing everlasting is too much and it is better not to know what col;d have been. It will make Evils Victory smaller when it happens this year.
    Sorry World we never got to work in the Masterplan of my life. The Government leaders are still calculating on a dead Woman's Legacy in Hallmark Arts, she is dead and the World will follow. ALMAM has never come into effect of her own Power.

    It would have been better if the United Nations had not quit their occupation of Netherlands in 1970. Who am I? The girl who saw the military drive to the Door on the Veluwe to go and fight on Earth 2 that also is here in a strange way. I saw the POT arrive (Manley P Hall) December 2012. The stings of the Overload in Electrical Energy made me get up and look out of the Window. and there it was exactly as the picture I saw int in the Manly P Hall Enceclopedia of Worlds Religion. Funny detail. Many of the cults mentioned, have not existed in our Entity Earth. Their existence became wiped out several times and the Dutch Over casters ere in such a hurry that they did not let them come into existence on this Earth so many people pray to their Deities that are no part of our Ether. How? I can only say we have been kept in a non linear time frame over these 20 years as soon as Microsoft Netherlands copied my frame. It is recorded in my living DNA. My coronation in Internet was already in 2006. The Programs expected me to rise. Nothing happened and the countdown to Apocalypse started running. The Beating I took in 2006 changed time limits and due dates. How was I to know without civil and human rights.
    I will not take the blame for this. It is only a bunch of politicians that profit form racketeering, drugs trade,in exchange for Arms deals. Netherlands Modus Operandi all during the 70 years of the United Nations. You took Netherlands in World and look where it got you. You cannot deal; with Evil. It simply got you.
    The Bible, Old Testament is a Dutch invention. The Dutch people are product of incest save a few like myself and the few friends I have left.
    I'll keep you posted. I've had enough already. But don't I'll go crawling back to the white house for help. Once I decide it has been enough and leave. I never turn back. I wrote. I leave you out to dry. It is Suisse, Germany and Netherlands now the Unholy Trinity is nearly back for it's coronation on exactly May 3. My 57th birthday will chime them in.They want their revenge on me for being hidden so well. My Sisters who came before me couldn't carry the Well. I was engineered during a briefing with my Parents in Arnhem all 1945 through to 1946.
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