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    Posted May 13, 2014 by

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    Need Peace, Dignity and Rights for all


    Absolute truth for today’s world careless consumption driving untenable production that driving changes in temperature and weather patterns and that’s the Hotter and Hungry World. Hungry world will contribute millions of desperate people. Desperate people do desperate things: They riot, they fight over food, they overthrow governments, and the mass migrate to food-secure countries.


    Each individual, family, community, nation must have the Position to say we all Street Beggar to State Driver are Resource Responsible, Climate Sensible and Development Policy is Climate Compatible. We like to keep our children in destruction warning free. Each citizen across the globe must say I am the follower of sasrai – never abuse single particle of food or any resource. We are self asking in every step `HOW MUCH LESS CONSUMING I COULD BE.’ Let's we try to save one Taka/dollar/pound/yen ........from our daily use, consumption, expenditure, LUXURY combat the CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING and the sequences.


    sasrai ONLY THE PATH TO SAVE MOTHER PLANET EARTH, NATURE. It’s only the path to Eliminate Racial Discrimination - End violence against WOMEN and CHILDREN. sasrai only the path to end POVERTY, VULNEARABILITY, HUNGER, DISASTER, CLIMATE Threat. Each second, minute, hour day needed to be spent considering earth, environment and humanity. We must get each child caring to each particle of food and resources. Wish the Peace, Dignity and Rights for all - save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources



    Please Keep a hand written sasrai-Movement Poster in any discussion area

    Let’s have zeal to self tune in sasrai-Movement policy and be committed to save resource and reduce FOOD waste in our daily living - no matter how small it is. Please relentless to voice from each corner across the globe

    • Please, save a drop of water daily, during all water related activities
    • Please, plant at least a Native tree annually at own home or community
    • Please, let’s  waste not single particle of food
    • Please, let’s waste not single particle of any resource
    • Please, keep off electric appliances one minute daily
    • Please, suspend travel by personal car once a day
    • Please, keep a day in a week luxury free
    • Please, do not throw away the waste wherever you like
    • Please, No more junk food
    • Please, Buy items made from recycled materials
    • Please, save one minute to think on Climate Change and Environment
    • You Can Reduce CO2 Emissions, Plant Native Trees Worldwide
    • You could uphold the movement instantly using sasrai-Movement appeal at the bottom      of your all printed material

    sasrai Volunteer demand your kind contemplation to spread sasrai across the globe effectively. Please keep a sasrai-Movement slogan at the bottom of your each letter or any other publication. Please keep a sasrai-Movement banner at your office gate.


    SM Farid Uddin Akhter
    Secretariat In-charge

    email: fgaleeb@gmail.com Phone:+88 01553 748 354

    Let's we try to save one Taka/dollar/pound/yen ........from our daily use, consumption, expenditure, LUXURY combat the CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING and the sequences.

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