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    Posted May 13, 2014 by
    Athens, Greece

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    As an Oromo I must Know!

    I am an Oromo and as an "Oromo First" I must know my identity:
    My History, my country, my origin, my culture and my language determine who I am “My Identity”
    As an Oromo I must know my people, I must know my original country’s boundaries, I must know who leads the Oromos, I must know why the Oromos are struggling, I must know how the Oromos are systematically been killed ( genocidal acts) by the TPLF & Amharas just to claim the Oromo land as theirs after letting millions of Oromos die of famine and thirst along with their wealth, their livestock, while killing those in life for centuries as alleged terrorists, therefore this shows who my enemies are, I must never forget the Oromo original lands and I must regain the ones grabbed either by force or displacing the Oromo people manipulating various reasons no matter, e.g. as that of areas of drought hard to live, I must never forget the Oromos are systematically been declined having a place in governmental positions deliberately to once again weaken the Oromo voice, I must never forget almost all Oromos are dismissed from their jobs systematically again to weaken their economical power that yields to making them sell their lands and properties, I must never forget Oromo top university students are deliberately demoralized or forced to leave studies and flee the country after threats of being accused for no reason as terrorists being either members or supporters of the OLF ! I must never forget the Oromos are systematically oppressed in general as to lose grounds in having any voice and any sociopolitical position with enough power to argue, I must never forget for the same reasons Oromos are jailed in thousands in prisons, I must never forget that the Oromos were totally deceived in 1991 by the TPLF regime Meles Zenawi ( in secret agreement with the Amhara elites) that turned to be a traitor and the worst Brutal and dictatorial regime ever, after cunningly and systematically disarming the Oromo military power and braking his commitment declining the agreement the three forces ( OLF, TPLF, EPLF) had agreed upon on offering freedom of the Right to self rule and determination of each groups in Ethiopia, except that of Eritrea’s! There is where finally the source and the cause of conflicts and all the above evil conditions started being in effect systematically, brutally abusing and persecuting ignoring and underestimating the international respect of human rights laws! Thus as an Oromo I must never forget that the regime of the TPLF that has been in power ever since remains a dictatorial regime that was never elected democratically and as such had never been endorsed by a single Oromo to govern and stand for the Oromos whatsoever since 1991!
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