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    Cooperate Slavery

    Cooperate slavery (The slave with a suit)

    This is based on a Singaporean company based in Malaysia, at point everybody would have to stand up to slavery. This is based on my experience. I finished my university and before going back home, I decided to gain experience rather than going home with just my certificate, so I took up a job at the company as a customer care officer.

    I went in for a walk in interview at a company ( i wouldn't disclose the company's name till it is necessary) , I did the all the test necessary such as QA test and health test everything was fine i felt like my education brought me here and i was proud of myself, that i have grown up from being a boy to man, then I went for a one on one interview in which I passed. I was told to pay a sum RM7500which is about $2318.39 for a security deposit, it was logical because I am a foreigner and they would need a security deposit in case I quit the job I would need to pay for my replacement or if i run away with the visa, but then the company told me that if I was terminated from my contract I would not get my deposit back,i took that big lip of faith and so I called home and borrowed money from my family to secure the job.

    The company provided me with training for 3 months, and then I started work. Working on shift, the job required a lot of time, working for 9hour 30mins a day, I was been paid RM18 ($5.56) per day for night swift, I would even have to work on weekends and work on my off days which was compulsory but they paid overtime, sometimes I would work from 10:30 till 8am in the morning. With time I got to realise that the time and energy spent on the job wasn't worth the pay, I was paid 2500rm ($ 772.80), whereby RM500 ($154.56) was deducted from my salary every month to pay the recruitment agency which hired me under the company. so in total i get about $618.24 a month.

    So I decided to look for a job elsewhere, I got a job at another firm, who paid more (x2) of my current salary and valued they staffs more, so I gave the company my resignation letter that I would like to quit my job, and they ask for a reason and I told them that it is because I got another job elsewhere which was closer to the town, the job also had an attractive salary, and more secure. which was more convenient for me, despite the fact I choose to leave the job professionally (by submitting a resignation letter), the company refused to give me a release letter for me work at another firm. even though I paid a deposit of $2318.39 to them, the managing director of that branch decided to write an email informing all the staffs that they wouldn't give all the employees leaving the firm a release letter, his defence was that it would be a lose-lose situation, if we quit the job they would black list your name to all the firms in Malaysia and you would have to go back to your country, with out your deposit, without a release letter and with a recommendation letter.

    An attachment of the email he sent would be uploaded with due time. Which would make it hard or impossible to leave the company and we would have no choice but to work in that same company. The only reason I am writing this is because companies exist whereby the practice cooperate slavery, and abuse the labour rights and freedom, and to my knowledge the company has turned down more than 50 foreigners who choose to resign. companies like This take advantage of the poor, the weak and people seeking for better oppurtunites. I stand not to be a slave moreover a cooperate slave, I stand not to be used, I stand not be a failure to myself or to be used. this is totally wrong, if i have to pay to work, what do i have to pay to leave? why can't i leave freely?why do they have to hold something against you?.

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