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    "Leadership is about persuasion, presentation and people skills" : Professor Payal Dande


    "IMMACULATE’13"  ---High Impact Technical Presentation Skills Series


    Date: 27- 28th February, 2013


    Key-Note Speaker : Professor Payal Dande, SPTM Shirpur

    Organizing Committee:
    1. Prof. Shashikant S. Patil, Head, EXTC Dept.
    2. Prof Amar Khalore
    3. Prof. Atul Patil, EXTC Dept.
    4. Prof. Amar Khalore, EXTC Dept.
    5. Prof. Ravindra Bhat, EXTC Dept.
    6. Prof. Suresh Kurumbanshi, EXTC Dept.
    7. Prof. Sachin Sonawane, EXTC Dept.


    Event Head : Mr. Akash Singhal



    Whether we realize or not, we all do speak in public. Some do it effectively, while others only wish that they could. All through history, whether in business, political or religious leaders, they all have reason to the top because of their ability to speak in public and make powerful presentations. Public speaking and presentation skills could be the deciding factors in your career/business growth. Some of the most defining moments in history took place because of the ability to speak in public.


    Effective public speaking could be a game-changer in life. In other words, it could be a life changer in your personal and professional world.


    Immaculate Series is a brain child of Professor Shashikant Patil and  Professor Payal Dande for imparting effective presentation skills of undergraduate and professional students and the most popular event among the students. Immaculate’13 is among the successful workshops that are conducted by IEEE. It is conducted to develop paper presentation skills of individual’s. Immaculate as the word means ‘neat and clean’ the event was conducted in the same manner and was divided into two sessions which received a warm participation from the students of all cadre.
    As it is known that writing and presenting a paper can be a difficult task especially if rules and procedures for writing a paper is not known therefore the purpose of this workshop was to have a refreshed memory on what constitutes a technical paper so that it is accepted and referenced by others.
    Immaculate’13 was conducted by IEEE NMIMS-SHR Chapter. IEEE NMIMS SHIRPUR students chapter is the biggest and the largest student chapter in NMIMS,MPSTME Shirpur. Immaculate’13 was conducted to enhance paper presentation skills of individuals . It was divided into two sessions which received a warm participation from the students of all the streams.
    As it is known that writing and presenting a paper can be a difficult task especially if rules and procedures for writing a paper is not known therefore the purpose of this workshop was to have a brief idea of a technical paper and how to make and present a technical paper so that it is according to the acceptable format.


    27th February, 2013:
    This introductory session which was started at 6.00 pm sharp received an overwhelming participation of 90 students.All the students were cheerful and happy as the session was about to start.It constituted of a sample paper presentation with guidelines for an effective paper presentation by Mr. Tanay Parekh and Mr Rohan Kikani .
    Mr Tanay Parekh started the first session with his sample presentation on how to make a technical paper .He told the students certain ground rules for making a technical paper in a correct way upto the guidelines of IEEE after that he discussed about body language and certain gestures to be made before giving a technical paper He also shared his own experience of giving an international technical paper presentation which was held at Las Vegas.
    Mr Rohan Kikani made the session more interactive as he suddenly introduced a game which was appreciated by all the participants.He also shared his own ideas and experience of giving a technical paper and motivated the participants to participate in paper presentation competetions after which the session was completed at the 7:30 PM which was the scheduled time for the session.


    28th February, 2013:
    About 70 students participated in this advanced session which was started at 6:15 P.M. Mr Dhruv Madan and Ms.Parkhi Tyagi commenced the session by introducing all the guests followed by lightning of lamp and Saraswati vandana by Prof. Payal Dande and Prof. Shashikant Patil .
    After this participants were introduced to fundamentals of giving paper presentation by a sample technical paper presented by Ms Shalakha Nagarkar .Her presentation was accurate and was completed in the time allotted.After the presentation she shared her preparation techniques with the students after which her presentation was reviewed by Prof. Payal Dande.
    The participants were then given the important points regarding public speaking and common mistakes while giving presentation by a sample presentation prepared by

    Prof. Payal Dande.She also provided the success strategies to remove stage fear and anxiety before delivering a presentation . . This was followed by time management techniques for each slide to be delivered during presentation after which she concluded her presentation with the conclusion analysis and references to be included at the end of the presentation.
    The session concluded with suggestions and token of thanks by Prof. Shashikant Patil Head, EXTC . Later on Prof Shashikant Patil felicitated Prof Payal Dande for her association and significant contribution to IEEE NMIMS SHR. Certificate of excellence were given to each participant by Prof. Payal Dande for participating effectively and sincerely. In the end Immaculate’13 received an excellent feedback from the students after which the session was completed successfully.

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