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    Madison Hills University Launches Master of Science in Applied Psychology

    Madison Hills University has announced the launch of a new course in its master’s curriculum; Masters of Science in Applied Psychology, Head of Psychology Department of Madison Hills claims it to be the best school to have programs such as Master’s Degree in Psychology. According to 2013 survey for best course plans, Madison Hills was ranked in the top ten schools providing online education to professionals’ world over
    Madison Hills University offers a hands-on experience in solving real-world problems using Psychological hypothesis, philosophy and research methodology.

    The MSAP program takes a practical approach to solving real world problems and gives its learners the tools essential to get one step ahead to reach their goal. The program’s set of courses is divided in psychology hypothesis, research, and practice in business environment. We offer application in both organizational psychology and Consumer psychology, both of which are essential to the mission of effectively running a workforce and marketing services in the international marketplace. The program includes the following requirements:

    This program contains two segments, one being the fundamental required course which includes areas such as foundation and application of human behaviors, organizational and consumer psychology and research methods in applied psychology. Second being the specialized course line, students have the leverage to tailor the course according to his/her aptitude and interest. Elective course contain fields of expertise such as marketing analysis, strategic business relationship, and psychology of organizational change.

    Madison Hills university is offering a Master of Science in Applied Psychology that is intended to assist you apply the newest psychology principles to real life work situations. The curriculum includes fieldwork projects so you will have prospects to perform the lessons you learn from the virtual classroom.

    The diversity of Madison Hill University’s Master’s of science in Applied Psychology assures you will be challenged by your peers as well as by your mentors. Our expert set faculty members have already been active in training senior executives in their fields, and students in the program have come from many areas and cultures. In small classes, you will be working in groups, discussing your ideas and conducting professional-level projects, which will give students a wide-spectrum for learning

    Madison Hills is accepting applications from 1st June onwards, for more details on the course structure visit the website of Madison Hills University
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