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    Posted May 15, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Skyries 15 Judge A Racist? Your The Same!

    Do you honestly think you're better than a racist? Do you honestly think you're not a bigot?

    it is time to not have big discussions on TV. It is time to send in our homes, teach our children? How to be colorblind.

    I'm not a religious man. But I do not believe in judging someone and bullying them into my own thoughts. Yes when someone says the N-word and you come back with judgment. You are absolutely no better. Start educating, be a friend, you even may find a lover.

    I look at my daughters all four of them. Three white daughters, one black daughter. But instead of calling them by their color? respectfully use their names.

    This garbage of finding every rich, powerful, famous person. it is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone is human. We are all equal. Right now we stand divided. Not in half for we are divided by color because we cannot teach our children to not be bigots? Instead we have days and days of talking about a bad man and evil men sounds like Hitler to me.

    Tell your daughter? You're smart, beautiful, and confident!

    Tell your son? You're smart, handsome, and confident!

    Right now if someone doesn't like a black person doesn't like a Latino person or doesn't like a white person. We put them on our television. We crucify them.

    When do we get our humanity back? If someone ran an airplane into a tower which you help that man stuck under a wall? See color doesn't matter. It's our humanity that matters. We need to start teaching our children to have their humanity. Love one another. Respect one another. And do not bully someone into our own thoughts.

    This is a shameful moment for America. It's not shameful for African-Americans. It's not shameful for Mexican Americans. It's not shameful for Scottish Americans. It's not shameful for native Americans.

    It's shameful for all Americans.
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