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    Three Trendy Natural Energy Drink Alternatives

    A surge in studies linking energy drinks to cardiovascular diseases and incidents of seizures in recent years have given the sports and energy drink industry a bad rap, leaving many consumers reluctant to purchase energy drinks. This, not to mention, some industry players’ failure to disclose the caffeine levels found in their drinks and use of misleading labels, have tainted the industry’s reputation further, prompting government agencies to impose stricter policies on the market. But are all energy drinks really as bad as they all say? Should you stop consuming energy drinks altogether?
    "There's a lot of yucky stuff in them," CLAY Health Club + Spa's nutritionist Shira Lenchewski tells Well and Good. Lenchewski said this includes artificial colors and flavorings, abnormally high caffeine and sugar levels, as well as stimulants “you’ve never heard of” and “barely tested.”
    Fortunately for you, some energy drink companies have taken cues from its organic food industry sibling. So if you’re worried about what you’re drinking, then it doesn’t hurt to try some healthy, non big-name alternatives in the market. Besides, you can never be too sure. Here are top three natural energy drink picks:
    Energy-X is a brand of energy drink and personal care items. Energy-X’s lead product is The Juice by Energy-X, a flavorless energy supplement mixer that you can add to any drink, even your food. According to the company’s website, one one-fourth ounce of the drink contains healthy amounts of caffeine (70mg) extracted from green coffee beans and green tea extracts. The drink also contains B-vitamins that effectively keeps one alert and boosts energy. The drink has also been recognized by consumers as an effective hangover cure after a night of drinking. Energy-X (http://buyenergyx.com/) capitalizes on its position as a healthier drink alternative with “no after taste.” Don’t fancy the drink? Energy-X also offers a low dose energy-infused flavored gums and lip balms.
    Another brand that is also poised to share a growing slice of the health energy drink market is FRS. FRS Health Energy is a pick-me-up made from the company’s patented Quercetin formula. The company uses 99.5 percent quercetin, an antioxidant present in the skins of veggies and fruits like blueberries and apples. The energy drink comes in three yummy, low-calorie flavors: wild berry and cherry which both contain 90 calories, and peach mango with only 20 calories. The drink also contains seven essential vitamins namely B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E. Body building or trying to lose weight? Maybe you could also use the company’s Healthy Protein drinks which come in Orange Cream and Blackberry Acai flavors.
    Little Big Shot is another health energy drink brand without the “nasty come-down afterwards.” The drink uses B-vitamins, which help combat fatigue, provides an energy boost and support the body’s metabolic processes; and deep ocean minerals, which come from carbon-free, mineral water from Taiwan. According to the company’s website, deep ocean minerals are composed of ionic minerals and trace elements that improve cellular repair and immune system functions. Deep ocean minerals and human blood are similar in terms of mineral and trace elements composition, Little Big Shot claims.
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