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    Posted May 16, 2014 by
    Athens, Greece

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    Oromos in Dictatorial Ethiopia killed for their "RIGHTS"

    We should never forget the fact that the present regime as well as the ones preceding were never ever elected fairly and democratically creating no doubt once again negative impacts on the majority of the Oromos on whatsoever follows regarding preparations of governmental free and fair elections, this will once more seem to be manipulated, with devastating effects of the general population! It has obviously been proved and known for so long that the Oromos never ever had been given the chances to fairly and freely develop and organize their own socio-political policy and strategy as should, having been denied totally their rights in all dimensions by present and all previous corrupted and abusive regimes! Instead these governments worked for so long systematically dismantling and destroying any plans that had to do with organizing of the Oromos and thus make them again be unprepared to meet any obstacles and necessary requirements to organize in general! As such the Oromos should consider all regimes past and present not accredited with neither the legitimacy to arrange proper and fair democratic preparation processes for the elections and the elections board!
    Bellow the chronicle of the Oromos’ policy and strategy is briefly stated The Oromos party the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) , the Tigrais party Tigrai people Liberation front (TPLF) and the Eritrea’s party Eritrea’s people Liberation Front (EPLF) have been fighting against Ethiopia’s dictatorial regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam where finally in 1991 they managed to overturn him and get control of Ethiopia! They had agreed at first on the basic agenda to give to all groups of races in Ethiopia to have the right to self rule and self determination!
    After these three allies-parties got control and the power to rule Ethiopia with the TPLF leader Meles Zenawi as head of all, the Eritreans were given without any conditions their freedom to secede and declare their independence as she obviously did!
    Now comes the question of the Oromos who were the next to decide on what to do! In the mean time Meles Zenawi showing alleged trust discipline loyalty according to their commitments and agreements seemed to convince the OLF to go on with democratic processes and methods to make sure everything would go as their agenda ordered! Yet Meles Zenawi cunningly and surprisingly fast enough started silently and under ground to organizing his personal military power and governmental ministers with his trusted members being put in critical leading and commanding positions! By the time he was ready and too strong to be rejected and declined by any other party, he went on as scheduled to further convince the Oromo party to disarm totally the OLF and any militias from all over the Oromo territories with just the excuse as there was no reason for two armed forces to exist under one democratic and strong government as such, thus unite, become one and examine further the Oromo issue of independence! The disarming agreement amidst misinformation and confusion of the unorganized Oromos I can say, had quite a good percentage of success no doubt, while it meant the worst mistake of the Oromos, as this was proved deceit and a very good manipulated TREASON of the century both on the Oromos but in general of the Ethiopian country!
    For the Oromos, speaking of their socio political organization and military power strength was just an open and vulnerable field, the best time of a start of a well planned to divide and rule method by the TPLF and in favour of the Amhara elites’ opportunists there after! As such Meles Zenawi a a one man power –a dictator from then on started exposing his hidden agendas and activate his evil brutal unfair and inhuman plans of marginalizing the Oromos, while at the same time declined the OLF accusing it as a front with members of outlaws and terrorists imprisoning any members, making them lose any power and prohibit their connection with the newly self stated Dictatorial government of Ethiopia! Thus the OLF has remained the only active supportive power of the Oromos but weak dismantled and in fields on gorilla based groups out of Ethiopia!
    The TREASON of Meles Zenawi is referred to allowing Eritrea secede from Ethiopia without any conditions and compromises for a strip of a way out road deal, leading to a port to the Red Sea, land blocking one of the largest countries in East Africa! There after the evil and well planed strategy of attacking the Oromos started undermining, sabotaging systematically, rejecting, and declining in general whatsoever was connected with the Oromos’ assets and profits as that of land properties, livestock, houses, agricultural products and businesses!
    Ever since systematically the Oromos were facing and having difficulties from almost every governmental activities and shares on basis of equal rights and chances in the socio-political struggle of Dictatorial Ethiopia as quite big number of Oromos are daily dismissed out of their jobs again for no serious reasons! So the Oromos to purposely and systematically be marginalized with impacts of being weakened economically was the priority plans of the TPLF and Amhara elites’ venture! The Oromos who dared not to obey to the governmental evil strategies against the other Oromos were imprisoned accused as members of the OLF for no reason just for claiming their rights! The Oromo students starting from the elementary stages to the university are being abused, persecuted, killed and imprisoned for no reason, causing many of them flee the country at any cost, which further this has a chain of again economical impacts on their parents wealth who soled and sell their houses, properties and live stocks to further help their children flee the country against threats of being imprisoned and killed! The result was and is that the poor any more Oromos are systematically being driven away from their territorial lands, houses and properties directly or indirectly forced to do so and farmers evicted with hardly any compensation, in the name of development etc. So what should we say for the majority of a population that makes the 40% , what should we say for the Oromos that count the BIGGEST ETHNIC group in Africa with the third largest speaking language in Africa after the Arabic and Hausa ?
    Development and progress would have had a much greater success and could as well continue with free Oromos for a neat clear, and a democratic country as that of Ethiopia, otherwise the returding and the strive of this Dictatorial Regime of Desalegn Haile Mariam would not be able to stand for long under such circumstances and unfair conditions by abusing persecuting and killing its own innocent civilians who just want nothing but their rights! God save the Oromos as if and only the Oromos if given their rights, Ethiopia will definitely start speaking of real progress and development without the threats of GUNS!
    Let the civilized nations see this, Let BBC, CNN and rest big MM open wide their ears eyes and mouths that are MYSTERIOUSLY CLOSED AND SILENT , let the civilized nations find out answers, let the civilized nations prove their civilization is WORTH AND NOT DEAF NEITHER BLIND to what was happening in Ethiopia and is happening right now TODAY!
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