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    Patrick Bruen hong kong How to sleep well 10 tricks?


    Patrick Bruen hong kong  How to sleep well 10 tricks?


    Although sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But it is not only the number of sleep you have, but also the actual quality of sleep. After all, patrick bruen hong kong eight hours you tossing and turning does not really make you feel good!
    When you are asleep, your body and your mind repair and revitalize. The big question is: how much sleep?


    1. Exercise


    When you exercise during the day, your body craves rest at night. You will fall asleep faster and spend more time in deep sleep phase, the most relaxing of all.
    2. Eat earlier


    After the meal, your body gives a boost to the metabolism to process and digest food. When you eat late, your body is still in the process of converting food into energy when you go to sleep. With all that energy, it is no wonder that you were not sleeping well !
    3. Schedule


    If you go to bed at the same time each night, your body will learn to prepare automatically sleep every night at that time, resulting in a better night's rest.
    4. Sunbathe


    Your internal clock is set with the melatonin that is created in your body by sunlight. To keep your internal clock set correctly, be sure to enjoy sufficient sunlight or put a bulb natural where you spend most of your day light.
    Turn off the lights 5.


    Sleep in a dark room, preferably in complete darkness. The light entering the room can affect your sleep patterns or trick your body as the sun rises, causing the recovery phase.
    6. No TV


    If you watch TV in your bed, you stimulate your mind instead of relax. Most television programs are designed to engage and motivate viewers, not for sleep.
    Many studies have shown that just having a TV in your room can disrupt your sleep cycles, even if it is off, because you associate your bedroom a stimulating activity.
    Replace your TV with a surround sound generator, preferably with a white sound or waves crashing. This will block all other sounds that might distract you and soothe.
    Read a book 7.


    Give your mind time to calm down can be helpful to get a better night's sleep. patrick bruen hong kong Reading a book, you detach from your current situation. This allows your mind a temporary escape into another world, which can relax and reduce stress.
    8. Avoid naps


    The best way to sleep well is to be tired when it's time to go to bed. If you take a nap during the day, then when you go to bed, your body and your mind may think they do not need rest. If you really need to take a nap, make sure not to exceed 20 minutes.
    Naps also be reset your biological clock and your body to take the day to night.
    9. Journal


    Write down your thoughts can dramatically improve your sleep. patrick bruen hong kong By sleeping on paper things that you have in mind, you will prevent sleep when mentally relive the day or thinking about all the things you need to do the next day.
    Keep a notepad by your bed. If you wake up and you remember something, write it down and go back to sleep, instead of worry about it ( or forget ) until morning.
    10. Preserve the bedroom for sleep


    If you work or watch TV in bed, your mind might find it difficult to associate your bed with sleep. Use your bed for what it is designed to sleep.


    Tips and Warnings


    Warning (s ) Caution:


    Just follow some of these simple tips for two weeks, and you will notice a huge difference. You deserve to wake up with the feeling of being refreshed and well rested !

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